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  1. Whats the likely hood of the nand going bad? Is it easy to replace? Can the os be installed to usb in case it does happen? I like the form factor of the nano (small portable) and the power of the tetra... hmmmmm what to get
  2. Mine only messes up when I move it around.
  3. I think it's a lose power connector...or the usb power cord...
  4. I must say, this thing is a piece of JUNK! Right now it just hanged on me and had to unplug and replug it back in.
  5. I maybe used my MK5 like 5-10 times since I got it. I find it's rebooting it self when the power cord is moved slightly. Could I have a defective unit?
  6. When trying to connect wlan1 to any router. My mk5 would just stay at "connecting, please wait". If I try and close that window then it would freeze forcing me to unplug and plug back in. I did a factory reset already but problem still persists. Defective mk5?
  7. Can I run it with just 5v battery pack or should i use something higher? Found an Anker 15000mah on sale but its only 5v. Need to know before i pull the trigger.
  8. I find the wifi range is quite low....like it won't work outside the house. Is there a way to increase the power of wlan0?
  9. Harddrive


    Shows usb is installed but when I try to find an ap. It show none. I'm running kali linux via VM. I see others are having the same problem as well. The description on the shophak site it shows that it should work out of box. But it's not for me. What am i doing wrong?
  10. Factory reset works. Internet works for the clients as well. Sometimes it gets a connection error when browser. Can't be my router since my other devices works fine off of it. I will keep testing it and see how often it disconnects.
  11. I just did a factory reset. Will try again in a few minutes.
  12. Since wlan1 in the pineapple mk5 is glitchy when used to connect to my router. I bought the Alfa usb adapter from hak5 to try it out. For the life of me. I can NOT get it to connect to my router. It just stays on the Connecting. please wait. for ever! I even have to unplug the mk5 to get to work again. Do I have a defective mk5 or usb adapter? I'm think it's the mk5 because none of my other usb adapters work either. Please help me! I'm getting seriously frustrated with this unit.
  13. Updated to 2.0.4 Got the Yellow, Red and blue lights flashing but it stays like that forever! So, I unplugged the power and plugged it back in. Still stays like that. Am I doing something wrong? Bad update?
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