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  1. I knew it! By the time there's a "ready made" Linux LiveCD for this i'm afraid it won't do much because there won't be much left to do!!!
  2. I was dreaming for a second!!! Well, i've been waiting for a "ready-made" Linux LiveCD since about two years ago! Good luck...
  3. 'Spotify' can't even be evaluated in foreign countries.
  4. Great! Deezer, TOR... It's almost ready for me, i just need to wait for the LiveCD now! ;)
  5. Has this been tried with TOR/TORK/PrivOxy?
  6. I've been waiting for something like this to happen since a couple years, litterally. A few more months would be worth it should there be a Linux LiveCD in the end!!!
  7. Oh my! Oh my... Now i know i'll have to wait for the LiveCD all right!!!
  8. All right, this is wonderfull. Now, can this be turned into a W2K/WinXP LiveCD?
  9. So, where are we with a world-wide installation-free LiveCD solution?...
  10. What's more stupid: 1) Failure to read the user manual 2) Not providing a manual to users 3) Not using some fool-proof code ;)
  11. Don't tell me, 'Ubuntu v8.10' would support Pandora "Time-Shifting" via 'WinE'...
  12. Oh, and this link worked just fine: http://www.haldrie.com/files/PandoraSaver.zip
  13. Hi, I only know a bit of DOS .BATch file coding so i'm unlikely to ever be of help here but i wanted to let you know in public that i've been hoping to reach about some fresh new solution like this one for quite a while. You can be proud! :)
  14. This is abuse, at least don't advertise it! Enjoy instead, while you can...
  15. Hi, I haven't been on Last.FM for quite a while. Thank you for the reminder! ;)
  16. Hi, I have no problem with gurus or 'PandoraRip', i'll try the later if it's ported to a Linux LiveCD which i can consider to be safe - contrary to self-installing Windows packages. Of course, i won't bet this will happen neither but it's your toy entirely and we don't need to care for each other's...
  17. Please Ben, if there's a guru around here somewhere who can port Pandora's Jar to Linux then point a finger at him because i've been dreaming of this for a long time!!! When it's happy with Linux then maybe we can start having more crazy dreams like to have Pandora's Jar integrated to a portable MP3 player that plays in the bus (or wherever) the music which it collected earlier during the day while attached to a PC from which it has booted... The modern players do have enough space, after all. Euh... But it won't happen! The originators of this project are long gone and we're lucky to have followers like Razor512 and perhaps a few more with which i didn't have the opportunity to converse after Pandora closed the door to non-USA citizens... Our best option right now is the Windows portable format i'm afraid and i yet have to read about one where TOR and its suite are combined adequately to the latest FireFox browser, whatever, so that a few clicks is all we need to experience those things that everyone else is writing about but without compromising our systems. Considering a recent post about some virus alert i'd still much prefer a Linux LiveCD, though.
  18. Hi, I tried 'OpenPandora' both with 'Free Music Zilla' and OrbitDownloader's 'Grab++' yesterday without any apparent problem other than having to "cut-'n-paste the" song's title and author (the album's name had to be added in full manual fashion). It's not automagic but each tag is obviously verified and it's simple enough to use. I guess i'll never bother with the more complicated solutions again unless these are integrated to a Linux LiveCD which i just need to burn before it's ready to run!
  19. ...and configure it to use US proxies exclusively - or does the latest release support this feature explicitly?
  20. If the file to DownLoad is this one then Avira AntiVir didn't complain about it: http://www.mediafire.com/?40shzklhfhw Hummm... I'll need to try a Linux LiveCD version of the anti-virus just to make sure...
  21. Avira AntiVir got triggered while i was browsing through my archives: TR/Gendal.4232642 (Trojan) The file which caused this alert was one of the late 'Pandora's Jar', the genuine file may have been infected after the DownLoad but a scan wouldn't hurt so my advice is "better safer than sorry"...
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