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  1. Oups! I was thinking about 'SongBird' all along!... PianoBar didn't let me do anything with it, actually. I've had too much of this stuff already i guess! Forget it!
  2. Oh well, i thought i'd test this with GrooveShark 1st since it also requires the plugins to be installed. I didn't get far with it anyway, i guess i didn't allow enough time to work for me since the last time!...
  3. I don't get it. At 1st there was no plugins for Flash and/or Java, then once i had managed to get the GrooveShark music page loaded and playing, what? Is there not something lighter based on StreamRipper combined to a Java front-end as StreamRipStar or else?
  4. Idem for you, read the reply above.
  5. A LiveCD implements the ultimate level of portability, if you don't like that there's nothing to discuss any further.
  6. The LiveCD which i mentioned can write to Hard-Drives, i don't know why you must insist that it's not meant to but, obviously, we won't reach an agreement here. I've discussed the reason why i favour the LiveCD approach years ago, i haven't visited any on-line radio with any "time-shifting" tool for ages but i'm still convinced there's nothing more portable than a LiveCD, as proof i've given your approach a try and failed right at the start because of the missing bells & whistles, of course, and i'll bet i won't be the last.
  7. Well, 'Grooveshark_GUI.py' refers to 'JSON' for starters but why should i bother to answer somebody who can't conceive the use of a Linux LiveCD? Why don't you try it then we talk!
  8. Hi Zimmer, I tried the *.py thing on a 'PureOS-Light' Linux LiveCD with 'wxPython' and my evaluation didn't last too long: missing stuff, whatever. Maybe an module would help!
  9. Are you serious? ZigZagJoe benefits from this!?...
  10. It's a well known troll characteristic to play mirror games and i've seen my share of such annoying tricks before!... What's your purpose again? Ah yes, none whatsoever: it must be only an interlude meant for your own amusement to obstruct the thread with off-topic remarks. Well done!
  11. Why LiveCDs? You know what, i agree that the whole thing is fine the way it is as far as you're concerned... I may have been around for a while but i still think life is too short so pardon me if i don't even try to explain it to your omnipotent being! There's a cost for having you around, a price i'm not ready to pay.
  12. It's funny you must quote these sentences and not mention that i've done all i could to help, contrary to the character you've invented just to justify your out-of-topic attacks: http://hak5.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=7173 The words are there and yet they don't seem to get through but that's OKay. I didn't ask you anything, not even to intervein in this thread as i already knew long ago you're against it... Perhaps it would do you some good to leave the sky high world from where you distribute those mix of lessons seasoned with a wealth of insults and climb down to earth before your engulfed ego threatens to explode. Perhaps not, i never really needed you around anyway. It's only a thing you know, it won't even bite so there's no reason for you to get that involved. Do me a favour, ignore me if you can't recognize what's so obvious: this thread's titled did attract other readers, like it or not. Considering that you are not interested please don't try to obstruct with your useless comments!
  13. I'll be lurking around from time to time, just as i've done before for years now.
  14. I believe your obtuse perspective just doesn't allow you to see what's the point with LiveCDs so i'm not surprized to find out that you must invent a character to call him names and put a few lies in his mouth. Obviously, it's clear we have nothing in common to discuss. The fact remains that this thread as it's been titled did attract the attention of others and i can see all too well how irritating it is for you. I'd wonder why under normal circumstances but the matter was settled since you have pronounced your verdict months ago. Call me whatever you like, you're a bad looser.
  15. M'well, of the 91 views in a couple days a few must be of human origin so i say the title does generate interest and even if yours is to deny it. Don't worry about storage as i've got plenty of it when using a LiveCD/Flash unit. There is no need for Windows stuff, maybe your solution requires it but i can't imagine that only Windows makes timeshifting possible - at least in theory.
  16. Wow! 33 views in so little time must signify there's some interest, after all!
  17. I've done no Pandora Timeshifting in years so, no, i guess i don't need it "badly"...
  18. I'll sure try, when the 'Linux'-based LiveCD becomes available...
  19. Thank you for making me discover the Grooveshark web site! :P
  20. Maybe there ain't enough Linux varaiants: Right?...
  21. Euh... "So much"? I joined this forum at the end of October 2006... My point is that one can't go wrong with a LiveCD once it's working: it's just a matter of "burning" it or even better, let use a USB drive! Right now there are too many details involved in case of a failure so it would be nice to start from some known working common ground.
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