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  1. This problem has been mentioned before. I once suggested that the music files should be captured "as is" (here "raw capture" would mean without any effort to tag the files), if time stamps are preserved and appended to the filename then there's no risk to get name conflicts since only piece is played at a time. Of course, this was never done...
  2. Hi, I shuffled in the 1st NimbleX Linux Live CD that i could find with my Pandora module on it, it's dating back to September 29 and yet nothing has changed for me. I can still find the cover in '/root/.mozilla/firefox/ ... /Cache/', there's still a '/tmp/plugtmp/' directory with an extension-less 'plugtmp-x' .MP3 sound file in it, besides the 'plugtmp' sub-directory which is hosting the 'v14'/'v14-x' files with 'tuner_8_2_0_2_pandora_mini.swf'... Too bad the module never attracted the attention of a Linux Guru, all those lost months of potentially problem free "time-shifting"! That's a shame... Imagine if someone with the skills had cared to fix the "Grab" button six months ago!... :roll:
  3. Hi, It's been months ago but i configured TOR with many peers in its list, web pages are slow to load but Pandora seemed fine since i have a speedy DSL access and i don't cancel songs or change stations too often. DownLoading one single .MP3 file felt quick enough but i was doing little else...
  4. I tried it under previous Linux versions of FireFox (v2.0) and Flash Player (v9.0.21.55), the 128 Kbps .MP3 encoded files were sitting in the /root/.mozilla/firefox/ ... /Cache/ directory while /tmp/plugtmp/ was holding .PHP files with evocative names such as 'Create', Track_Info'... The Title, album, artist, year and duration were clearly visible when i checked. Should i have had a raw capture tool that doesn't care about anything but the sound file i'd have put a few songs inside my .MP3 player for sure... Nice site, the idea of sharing our musical experience sounds appealing if that can be brought to full completion: chat about music while everyone listens at it!
  5. FireFox 2. 0. 0. 11 --> FireFox 2. 0. 0. 9
  6. The good idea was expressed months ago: one Live CD for everyone that works under VMs or by itself. Guess what the outcome was...
  7. Hi, The 3rd and last time i built a Linux module that's the version i worked with. I saw no error messages like these.
  8. Maybe it's time to post pictures in order to illustrate these two features: http://img299.imageshack.us/img299/4672/firefoxfrenchtoenglishux9.png[/img] FireFox v2.0.0.8 (Linux), Language Add-On http://img214.imageshack.us/img214/6001/firefoxflashswitcherlinnv1.gif[/img] FireFox v2.0.0.8 (Linux), FlashSwitcher Add-On Merry Christmass!
  9. Hi, Ha yes, sorry: there's no v8 under Linux but that was months ago - my last version dates back to September 29 and the one before that was August 8 so... I'll need to UpLoad my version of October 24 (FireFox v2.0.0.8 + Pandora's Jar v 8.1.1) on RapidShare, you'll get the link via a Private message here later today.
  10. I use Slax v5 or NimbleX (SlackWare), no issues were ever encountered after i edited the .XPI package.
  11. I've had FlashSwitcher installed and working for a while with the Flash v8 and v9 PlugIns plus two patched versions faking each other.
  12. Hi, I'll look what i can do with my SlackWare based Live CD, although i already see the untagged .MP3 files and their suite in the temporary directory. Well, the purpose of a Linux solution isn't to compete with Pandora's Jar but to work natively on a self-supported bootable CD which can also be used in Virtual Machine environments under Windows. I can't compile binaries but i can manipulate them and create Slax/NimbleX modules, it will be a pleasure to experiment with a solution that might become universally available to anyone with a PC, including the older machines (Pentium-II MMX 200 Mhz 128 MB RAM)... So, i'm all ears. Be assured i won't be far away.
  13. Hi, I think that this post is the very 1st i'm aware of where the user actually uses Linux! Do you depend on WinE or is it a real Linux setup? Most unfortunately, you're most likely the one guy who can help around here... I've tried to use Slax, etc. but since you've been reading this forum before there's no need to repeat my story again. Well, i'll read your post religiously myself even if i don't always get the point so, please, keep posting!!! :D
  14. My head sorts of stated to hurt so i probably don't understand the question... If you don't know where the temporary directory is located then look at the system variables.
  15. Somehow i was hoping that there was more to it than just an hypocryte facade...
  16. Hi everyone, Sometimes i get ideas while in the bathroom, under the shower or elsewhere... Obviously, the concept of TimeShifting in its present form suffers from a major flaw: Pandora can't approve it because it's a fundamental violation of their license; i mean, right now we're simply discussing about collecting individually tagged songs which can be groupped as albums that we can play at will while Pandora is a radio instead of a jukebox for P2P leeches. Maybe TimeShifting would become more acceptable if radio sessions were turned into monolithic blocs that we don't need to break into author/album/title pieces at all. It shouldn't matter that such a technique would be incompatible with using MP3 players which can retain some degree of freedom with the help of short-range FM retransmission, anyway; Pandora is not trying to be anything else than an INet radio, after all. Isn't the main goal of TimeShifting to get rid of clock-related constraints or is it just to exploit Pandora as something totally different?
  17. I vaguely recall using Flash Switcher to choose from four versions (genuine v8 and v9 plus patched v8 and v9), this was originally written for the Windows version of FireFox, i suppose it can be adapted to OS X as well...
  18. In case someone needs this: http://ftp-mozilla.netscape.com/pub/mozill...refox/releases/
  19. If there were one ready-made/tested module for everyone we wouldn't have to mind about browser versions...
  20. Hi, Then perhaps it's about time to examine the Linux Live CDs more closely because i always have access to the audio files... The fact that Slax Linux doesn't rely on their extension to iconize them simplifies the identification but it's still manual. There are plenty of Virtual Machines today: VirtualBox, VMWare Player, Bochs, QEmu, Virtual PC and a few more i may have overlooked, euh... A Live CD would run directly on a PC with as little processing juice as a Pentium-II MMX 200 Mhz with 128 MegaBytes memory, it would also run nicely on a modern computer running one of the Virtual Machines mentioned above. The Slax/ NimbleX Linux Live CDs can be edited easily to update a module and it's even easier when it resides on a Flash Drive so the best solution - which is also the least explored so far - may be to have one module to fit both the Windows and the Linux worlds. I produced two modules so far in hope a Linux guru would fix Pandora's Jar, the fact that manual copying alone is always possible should have retained some attention but, there again, no luck... :roll: Realizing that the word alone, "Linux", may sound like a deterrent to some people i've suggested to go "Portable"... Still no joy, it's like our readers prefer fixed installations while they don't realize that those are the ones which are bound to break down easily. :-(
  21. Hi, If we all had the same setup one post would fix them all but right now there are too many variables and the only way to debug these things is to get detailed log files hoping there's some clue inside. Can anyone recall where the log file is?... Maybe someone here can assist you, once you've published your log-file, that is. If it doesn't help at least it might happen to be instructive, good luck! ;-)
  22. Hi, I understand the desire for feed-back, that's why i put a link to my profile instead of a direct link to the Slax module i created so that people who would be ready to try it must ask for a download address. I won't say it was a success but you might be luckier than i was with this approach... The last time i checked, the audio files were still available for manual copy; hence my suggestion of a "raw" capture where the file would just be put aside on the Flash drive, ready to be carried away for a wireless music session. There's no interaction with the sound card required at all on a Slax/NimbleX Linux Live CD: you can get exactly what you hear without any conversion loss but i'm no Linux expert and Pandora's Jar must be fixed or pure manual copy is all that will work. :roll:
  23. I think it says "unable to rip MP3" towards the end... :razz:
  24. Hi, The way i see it an option to include some date/time stamp in the filename should suffice. 8)
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