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  1. Hummm... That's funny, MicroSoft (IE) and Linux are the same for once! :twisted:
  2. Hi ColdFusion, I've given CF7 a try. The Track #, Title, Artist, Album, Year and Genre fields are perfect including the Comment one (i edited comment.override.enabled and comment.override.text in 'default.properties') when the "band bio" item is supported thru Last.FM and CDDB, apparently... Now i can be a pig eating like a gourmet! I'm sorry to only offer feedback. :!:
  3. Hi, Using a Linux SlackWare-based Live CD called Slax, i noticed there's no such thing as a Flash version issue: i see names like 'nspluginviewer*.tmp' all over the place in my /tmp/kde-root/ directory when Pandora is opened from Konqueror and there's a log file saying "opened(########):file://tmp/kde-root/ etc., which tells me each .MP3 file is identified. Has anyone tried Pandora's Jar under Linux before? :?:
  4. Hi ColdFusion, I'm stating a fact in my remark about your Comment field, no more no less. About the Razor512 patch, i must write that it works with no genuine Pandora window at all now that i edited (in Unix style) my 'pluginreg.dat' file: e.g. LFs instead of CR-LFs; at least until the page refreshes, after 30 songs.
  5. Hi ColdFusion, Sorry, i have no specific comments, suggestions or bug reports to make but i do have some feedback to share, nonetheless. I downloaded those two files: http://superb-west.dl.sourceforge.net/sour....beta.7.4.0.zip (3953119 Bytes) http://superb-east.dl.sourceforge.net/sour...F6.jar.only.zip (144521 Bytes) Then i extracted 'pandora.beta.7.4.0.zip' to a new (fresh) 'pandora.beta.7.4.0' directory, unzipped 'pandora.7.4.0.CF6.jar.only.zip' and overwrote the 'default.properties'. I also edited 'pandora.bat' as shown here to compensate for the Flash v9 trap: @echo off If () == (%1) start javaw -jar pandora.jar 8085 If Not () == (%1) start javaw -jar pandora.jar %1 C: CD CD "Program Files" CD "Mozilla Firefox" Echo. Echo Ready to load `FireFox + Pandora'! Echo. Echo Press [Ctrl]+[C] to abort... Pause If () == (%1) start firefox http://www.pandora.com/ If Not () == (%1) start firefox http://www.pandora.com/ Echo. Echo. Echo Ready to load `FireFox + Pandora's Jar'! Echo. Echo Press [Ctrl]+[C] to abort... Pause If () == (%1) start firefox http://localhost:8085 If Not () == (%1) start firefox http://localhost:%1 The execution of 'pandora.bat' opens the Pandora's Jar JAVA applet, pressing [Enter] starts a regular Pandora player in FireFox and the second tap opens Pandora's Jar HTML interface. At first, Pandora's Jar displays "Waiting (capture results)."/"Waiting (last.fm)." but it will change to "MP3 ripping set to manual - Click the [Grab It] button..." after a while... Two tests out of three worked: i played the song from the http://www.pandora.com/ page and capture it from the http://localhost:8085/ one. I verified the MP3 fields using WinAmp and the Title and Artist information was OKay, the Comment field would still read as "ripped by [PaNDoRas jAR] your source for listening pleasure", though. Any saved item could be found in a sub-directory similar to: mp3UNKNOWN STATION{The band's name}{The album's name} Strangely enough, the genuine Pandora player won't complain about the Flash version while it says "In order to use Pandora, we request...", etc. when it connects via the Pandora's Jar JAVA applet page... The "Waiting..." messages which are shown before i can try the [Grab It] button now last forever, the 3rd experiment was my last and cleaning up the tmp directory didn't fix it. That's all the feed-back i got. This was a nice experiment, in any case!!!
  6. Hi Russ, Your modification were more than useful: where there was only a tiny window providing no access to critical buttons i get the full display again, or at least i'm able to reload the page correctly... I've tested it a few times and i could download as i used to, months ago. The one thing it's missing is the "album" field and/or directory(ies); i'd also remove the infamous "ripped by [PaNDoRas jAR] your source for listening pleasure" comment but that's just me. Good job Russ! If i could find where the Linux setup is explained i'd try it on a Live CD as well, simply for the fun of it. 8)
  7. Hi CrossLink, Yeah, it looks like déjà -vu for me: :roll:
  8. Euh... About the "Comment" field, we could all read this in it (using WinAmp, etc.): "*** your source for listening pleasure" Right?...
  9. Pandora Unleashed v1.4, by Kaiousama: http://www.speedyshare.com/589790419.html Download Pandora Unleashed http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=en Download .NET Framework 2.0 Or read: http://www.hak5.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t...sc&start=15 Hak5 Forums ~ Pandora Timeshifting ~ Pandora Unleashed 1.4
  10. Hi GeekBoy, I played with Slax again and it turns out that the Flash v8.0 r22 module is Flash v7.0 r25, actually! :roll: There's simply no v8 available, apparently: Flash v7.0 r63 is the closest thing prior to v9 but it's working just fine with Pandora, go figure... As i explained before, the temporary files are not hard to locate. I see a plugtmp directory holding some small file called 'v8' (with XML content for all i know) and tuner_7_3_0_2_pandora.swf stands beside, an all-numbers-named music-file with its .MP3 icon doesn't exactly appear to be hidden neither. More files named plugtmp-1, plugtmp-2, etc. are located one directory level up. All this disapears when i try Pandora via Flash v9.0.21.55 + Java v1.5.0_09. FireFox v2.0 didn't complain after i downgraded to Flash v7.0 r63 using a patching module, Opera will call for experiments before i can tell about it... Hummm... Or maybe my recollections are blurred as i just don't remember seeing plugtmp before Opera! :shock: Ha yes, the music-files had a .tmp extension while their names looked like nspluginviewer******, etc. That must be from when i was using a previous Java or else! I hardly make sense of my notes anymore. Ha, and i almost forgot: songs arrive one by one; i believe they're sent in groups using Windows XP. :!:
  11. Hi again GeekBoy, On Slax the default user is root so maybe i should add /root/ in front of all paths to be clear. For my purpose, /root/.mozilla/firefox/profiles.ini is the file to look for... As mentioned, a downgrade to Flash v8 might be in order but i'll continue... :D
  12. Hi GeekBoy, I finally managed to make FireFox v2.0 work with Flash Player v9.0.21.55 (BETA) and Java v1.5.0.09 support on the Slax v5.1.8 Live CD. Pandora does not seem to mind in absence of the Java plugin (i was able to identify the temporary files without it but not after Java was correctly installed)... Copying files to FAT-32 partitions doesn't happen to be an issue and in-progress work is attempting to support NTFS as well, i think that a USB drive would be accessible too but i have none for doing tests just yet. The Slax user installations are based on simple "modules", i'll try to search for "FFDIR" when i resume experiments with Java on... I must also downgrade to Flash Player 8.0 r22 in case it helps to find Pandora's temporary files. :roll: A word of caution: the modular system in Slax is supposed to be hassle-free but it may happen that a fix is required. It was my case, i noticed the FireFox plugin directory must only contain a link to libjavaplugin_oji.so instead of the real file. Once Java is installed, libjavaplugin_oji.so will reside in /usr/lib/jrel.5.0.09/plugin/i386/ns7/ while /usr/lib/firefox-2.0/plugins/ is where the link is to be created (using pick-'n-drop between two Konqueror windows); the real .so file should simply be removed from the FireFox sub-directory if it can be found there. Using "about:plugins" under FireFox will show the exact versions, mine was "1.5.0_09-b01"... Relatively to the FireFox cache, it's in /.mozilla/firefox/<Path>/ and Path is declared in /.mozilla/firefox/profiles.ini, to be exact. That's all i got, i wish you good day! :)
  13. Hi MaxRabbit, MR> I HAVE to upgrade to flash 9!!! I have SeaMonkey, FireFox and Opera installed. If i verify using the link shown below, SeaMonkey has version 9.0 r16.0 while FireFox and Opera got v8.0 r22.0 and this allowed me to play Pandora's Jar in the past (until moving to the 7.4.0 version) while i could play more recent Flash content. A FireFox test used to display v8.0.24.0, actually, but some strange event slipped my attention because i found v9.0.16.0 in the other browsers as well so i ended up removing it and i didn't find the same v8 setup file as before. Anyway, this link proved helpful: http://www.adobe.com/fr/software/flash/about/ I'm not really sure how Flash support was upgraded in FireFox but i vaguely remember that to have two different versions i used an .XPI link (see above) in order to install v9 in SeaMonkey, then the .EXE setup file (v8 of course) handled FireFox/Opera... Sorry but i couldn't find an .EXE or .XPI v8 link. :roll:
  14. Hi Cooper, Pi> I found Pandora's Jar usefull despite its Pi> flaws; the only item i'd remove is the Pi> comment field... Co> Okay, here's the deal. It's Pandora fighting Co> piracy. Nothing more, nothing less. I concur, it's why i'd have the comment removed...
  15. This should help you be patient: MicroSoft .NET Framework v2.0.50727.42, 23510720 Bytes, 2006-Mar-22 + Pandora Unleashed v1.4, 64914 Bytes, 2006-Oct-29
  16. Hi, I gave Pandora's Jar a try this summer and i want to share my observations. I used version 7.3.1 for about two months, before the switch to v7.4.0 became necessary. Right now i have FireFox v2.0, Adobe Flash Player v8.0.24.0, JAVA v1.5.0.7 and Pandora v7.4.0 BETA installed. The music plays but i'm back to square one when the page refused to draw completely and i can't find a cure this time. Version 7.3.1 (i saw 7.3.4 at the bottom) was OK if i ran FireFox 1st, started pandora.jar and then used a favourite button to connect. My personal data often got cleared, a click on the recycle button hardly brought it back and reloads weren't 100% reliable neither but i could manage with it - the retry button from the JAVA applet was totally useless. The album was undefined on many occurances (like the track number, the year, label and genre) but i had the artist's name and title just fine most of the time. At the end, i had lyrics and covers too but it didn't last and then i went back to this with v7.4.0's release: :!: I found Pandora's Jar usefull despite its flaws; the only item i'd remove is the comment field... When drawing seemed to be a problem, closing and rebooting usually helped; sometimes i even reset my browser's cache and tried to clean up my temp directory if necessary. One very annoying thing i couldn't handle was when i got a status message saying that it was trying to transfer data from media.fastclick.net and nothing happened: i had to restart Pandora at that point. Reloads after every 30 songs had re-drawing done fine but not always (missing parts could remain unchanged)... :roll: Here's one old launch-procedure modification: Pandora.BAT @echo off If () == (%1) start javaw -jar pandora.jar 8085 If Not () == (%1) start javaw -jar pandora.jar %1 C: CD CD "Program Files" CD "Mozilla Firefox" Echo. Echo Loading Pandora.JAR v7.x.x then FireFox! Echo. Echo Press [Ctrl]+[C] to abort... Pause If () == (%1) start firefox http://localhost:8085 If Not () == (%1) start firefox http://localhost:%1 Lately, i used it only after FireFox was loaded; i usually ignored the prompt, closed the window at that point then clicked on my favourite button to connect. Obviously, this sequence would need to be reversed. Anyway, it no longer helps as it will draw as above and i can't contol it anymore. :cry: This post is meant as feedback only, nothing else is intended; forgive me if it sounds otherwise!
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