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  1. Hummm... "Nearly impossible" as far as 'Pandora's Jar' is concerned, i bet, but there are other avenues waiting to be explored which open the door to multiple browser/plug-in brands/versions. There's no need to make more noise around the next state-of- the-art wave by namely pointing at it in here but i have hope of easier days forward.
  2. Lets re-order this: fucking tired being nice
  3. Hi, Access outside of the U.S.A. doesn't have to be difficult, i produced three modules for Slax/NimbleX LiveCDs which made it very simple: install and forget. The problem was that these were totally ignored, probably because that's Linux stuff. As a consequence, this project never went past the next step which should have been to fix the [Grab] button... There are much more versatile solutions coming anyway. Pandora's Jar can be killed once and for all very easily, the Pandora people just need to take advantage from it's very specific needs! The way of the future points at utilities capable of supporting multiple browser softwares (not just 'FireFox'), in combination with whatever plug-in version suits you better. Right now the whole contraption holds together only if you have the correct software/versions mix, while the next generation utilities won't care about that anymore and beyond: so-called tight counter-measures will become obsolete. The original authors of Pandora's Jar have left this forum it seems, a few good people tried to give Pandora's Jar a new life but in the end its design needs a major revamping effort which will be difficult to justify, ultimately... Fully automated captures outside the US would be possible using a modified portable version of TOR but it might take a while so sit down and relax! You may find some kind of proxies that work in the meantime, good luck to you! Perhaps PandoraRIP would work with TOR but i'm waiting for the Linux versions: i don't want this kind of setup to be installed on my PC permanently so only Linux Live CDs seem satisfying to me. It's only a matter of time before Pandora starts working again for me, i could live without it for months and there was always the possibility of doing manual captures under Linux if the urge felt too strong. Be patient, when the right people will focus on this it will be worth the wait as you'll get access to other on-line radios as well. Euh... But my crystal ball gets foggy! I can't tell hos much time we need to wait for a major outbreak. I'd say months instead of weeks but fortune telling has never been an exact science!...
  4. Same thing here, three Slax module versions later...
  5. Please put a time-bomb in it, this time-shifting thing is a dead end.
  6. Hi, I think it's time to look elsewhere. I just loaded 'FireFox v2.0.0.12' a few minutes ago with the 'ShockWave Flash v9.0 r115' and 'JAVA SE v1.6.0_03' plugins installed. A customized version of 'Portable TOR' provided access to www.pandora.com while a secret ingredient allowed me to capture the .MP3 files with 19 characters long filenames composed of random letters & numbers. This is not a definite solution, there are severe limitations including the filenames and tags but this clearly demonstrated to me that 'Pandora's Jar' now obstructs the path to less restrictive installations where MS-IE, FireFox, Opera and other browsers, not to mention a mix of up-to-date plugins, euh... are finally allowed. It's been done once, i have no doubt it can be done again but the most potent gurus among us will need to stop beating dead meat like 'Pandora's Jar' and, no, i'm sorry but i'm not among those people... Oh, and i almost forgot to specify that the secret ingredient works on other music sites too.
  7. This site is exposed to Google, etc. Maybe that's why.
  8. Hi everyone, This is a short note to let you know that those who only wish to listen at Pandora should check this: http://img171.imageshack.us/img171/5392/pandoraincognitosmallsw6.jpg[/img] http://anonymityanywhere.com/incognito/ You may have to 1st Log-In as "root" (PassWord="root") to add this to '/etc/tor/torrc': ExitNodes server1,server2,{...},xyzusaserver, StrictExitNodes 1 The "Exit" configuration must be re-enabled, of course, or you can just try to pretend you're a citizen of the United States using the corresponding 'TORK' feature (i'm not sure the later trick is going to work unless you restart TOR with this option, though)... FireFox is version with multilingual support (just like KDE under Gentoo, by the way!) and includes these plug-ins: AdBlock Plus v0.7.5.3 Cookie Safe v1.3.5 DOM Inspector v1.8.1.11 FireGPG v0.4.8 NoScript v1.3.1 Quick Locale Switcher v1.6.3.7 Referer Control v0.8.9 This Gentoo Linux (v2.6.23-gentoo-r3) anonymizer Live CD depends on the use of: TOR v0.1.2.19 TORK v0.26 Trans-Proxy-TOR v0.1.0 Vidalia v0.0.16 You now have more background music options for when you kiss your tender half at Valentine day!
  9. MouHa! Ha! Ha! Now that's funny! It's like saying «Hey mister, will you help me steal from you!» Hi! Hi! Hou! Hou! Hou! Ho boy! I don't know if the "TimeShifting" excuse is going to survive that kind of lame!
  10. TORPark v2.0.0.3 (based on 'The Onion Router'): http://download.chip.eu/en/Torpark- xB Browser (formerly Torpark): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Torpark http://xerobank.com/xB_browser.html
  11. Hi, I've read that once Avant v11.5 is released we can expect a portable (USB) version of Orca. We'll see about that!...
  12. If you get the urge to port it to Linux i'll certainly get the urge to put it into a Slax Linux module.
  13. Yeah, Pandora's Jar on a stick would resolve the permanent install issue but the people who access the site from outside USA would be looking for a portable TOR verion too...
  14. OKay, lets stick to the topic... Is this tool OS speciific just like Pandora's Jar is? Do i need to make any sort of permanent modification to my system in order to use it?
  15. Nicely KonFoo? I suppose i should feel lucky this wasn't meant to be rude.
  16. I've been getting those errors for six months with one short interruption that is long forgotten. Lets face it, we're beating a dead horse: those who make it work can't share their configuration even if they try as there's always something that slips thru which makes others search to no end. Oh, it might work at some point, for some time... but what we know for sure is that it will break down again, as a consequence of the way Pandora's Jar has been designed and built, it seems. Try the MeeMix thread instead, songs are pre-tagged before you'll even think of collecting them: http://forums.hak5.org/index.php/topic,8246.0.html
  17. Try the PandoraRip thread. My understanding is that there might be a guru out there...
  18. Euh... Appologies KonFoo. Your will to keep a guru for yourself is totally understandable since they're so rare!... :!:
  19. Hi, Slacker? If that's a reference to SlackWare Linux then take note i've built three Slax modules so far and there has been no feeback in six months... Anyone who feels like fixing the [Grab] button can ask for it in private: i have the KDE Menu icons working, a Linux guru would only need to focus on the Pandora code itself.
  20. Hi, I think i read about that before, weeks if not months ago. Well, nothing really happened but you can keep hoping...
  21. An .MAR? Sorry, mine is an .EXE! I don't know a thing about those .MAR, actually...
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