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  1. Pointless? If it stimulates the forum to the point that i may be able to carry Pandora in my pocket again, after months of silence, then hell no it's not pointless! Lets not forget that there are quite a few readers who only lurk around, on top of that, who won't even bother to let you know what they think of your efforts, actually!... :!: This kind of creative work is a solitary act, there may be no spotlights but that does not mean no one appreciates what is done. I wish i could do as much, there i said it... Maybe i'll be the only to tell but i'd bet a few more guys think just the same.
  2. Hi, I think this initiative based on the AutoIt v3 Win32 Scriptor is most refreshing! Unfortunately for me, there's no equivalent under SlackWare Linux so i would not be able to create a Slax module for the Slax/NimbleX/BackTrack Linux Live CDs... At least i can express my moral support: go for it! You may have better luck than i had and perhaps if you could make it a "Portable"/U3 application that would help your project even better. As for Linux, it's a no man's land in this forum, i'm afraid; there's WinE but that's just not for me. I think there are Live Windows CDs now, maybe that would be another nice avenue to explore? In any case, good luck!!! :-D
  3. It has to be light, maybe this would be satisfying enough for me: http://portabletor.sourceforge.net/ http://wiki.noreply.org/noreply/TheOnionRouter/Portable_Tor http://portableapps.com/node/363 Portable Tor http://www.portablefreeware.com/?id=1088 Portable Vidalia Bundle
  4. Hi, As far as i'm concerned i never seen the Artist/Song info boxes and Grab button working using my Linux Live CD version of Pandora's Jar but i can tell you that manual capture is still possible, which most likely means that whatever changes you've noticed they're just not meant as an attempt to disable Pandora's Jar at all... When they decide to put a stop to Pandora's Jar no doupt even manual capture won't be possible, in my opinion!
  5. So, Pandora just needs to support MSIE only (like with Yahoo! Music) then ban anything previous to Flash v9.
  6. Hi, Don't you get the feeling that we are the cobayes of Pandora? When Pandora's Jar was improved they also improved but we've lost most of our man-power so Pandora seems to wait patiently that progress is made to raise yet another counter-measure, these days... It would be easy to kill Pandora's Jar definitively for everyone but it still works, how come?... I wonder, maybe it's a game and the reward for those who play is music on one side and a tighter implementation on the other. Perhaps the people who use Pandora's Jar happen to be testers, actually, and when Pandora will feel they have what they want they'll locked us out and throw the key. So, my advice would be to start looking for alternatives and adopt Pandora's perspective in the meantime. That's why i became worried with "ethic" lately. From their point of view, it wouldn't matter if we were effectively "Time-Shifting" Pandora but there is a problem related to the .MP3 format which provides great sound but also allows the listeners to keep that music indefinitely. I thought Pandora was supposed to be a streaming radio, not a free-for-all juke box for insatiable juvenile leeches... For all we know, the Pandora coders read this forum religiously and their boss is waiting until he has decided that there's no further benefit for Pandora to let us play around. :shock:
  7. And if you don't erase the files after you listened to them once then it's not either... Actually, even using the Rewind and Forward functions would be against the TOS.
  8. Hi, On Slax the privileges are those of a "root" user by default and NimbleX is the same, as i recall. I have doubts about the home directory being hard-coded instead of declared in an environment variable because i'd expect to see the biography even if i can't register the file - which isn't the case: no details are ever available...
  9. Hi, Sorry, i'm not even sure what the auto-pilot is but i suppose it's like the [Grab] button: it would wait forever after some input from Last.FM and never get it.
  10. All right, i've updated to FireFox v2.0.0.8, i got Flash v7 & v9 (plus patched versions to disguise them) and Java JRE v1.6.0_03-b05. The modules are ready and tested but the [grab] button doesn't work so who wants to fix my Linux Live CD solution?...
  11. Hi, I get the point, Pandora often offered me plenty of less-than-ideal choices despite all my efforts to pick only tunes which i thought were matching the channel's intended spirit. Sometimes the new selection was so shocking i'd certainly have liked a "Ban List" but how are we going to get all of this done without the initial gurus around? By the time some of us have acquired the necessary knowledge, after an abrupt learning curve, the project might as well be dead definitively. Whatever will collect the songs with meaningless filenames and no .MP3 tagging will suit me fine as long as Pandora fits in a pocket when i go outdoors. The rest is accessorial and may never happen. :|
  12. Hi, So far Razor512 and Darkone05 are the only two persons around who seemed to have the time and skills to make some corrections but what you ask for is involving and i'm not sure anyone would want to take that dip knowing that Pandora is able to pull the plug anytime just by forcing us to use the latest Flash player version. There's just not enough yound "blood" in this forum to fulfill your request judging from what i've seen lately, sooner or later the whole contraption will fall appart so if you like having Pandora in your pocket then maybe it's time to consider simpler alternatives and one of these would be to have a safe buffer for temporary files so that we can at least tag manually (or recover a "skipped" song, if possible): as i've wrote before, i very rarely take a look at the display of my player anyway... I've suggested to have a Linux Live CD version so that what works would work for practically anyone with a computer, even that as a "bottom line" remains largely ignored to this day and despite the &ried-and-Tested modules which exist but have issues with the grab button. I fear the project will be dead by the time we reach the kind of perfection you have in mind: the gurus have left us a long time ago!
  13. It's about avoiding replicas of the very same song and it's been done before.
  14. Hi, I know nothing of GreaseMonkey, i was wondering if i should include it in my Slax-Linux module but i guess i would if there were a chance that this helps. Can you illustrate how i'd use GreaseMonkey in an easy to grasp way?... :?:
  15. Hi, How well does it work on Linux? This is what it was like when i started, i have updated to FireFox v2.0.0.8/JRE v1.6.0_03-b05 but no joy yet: http://forums.hak5.org/index.php/topic,7173.0.html I use Slax-based Linux Live CDs including NimbleX and BackTrack, how would you like to take a peek at what i've done so far? It's about 50 Mega-Bytes in size, the modules are easily added to the .ISO image... Do you have the damn [Grab] botton working normally at all?! :?:
  16. Hi, I think i must investigate about the 'build.default.properties' setup file, there's a 'project.root.dir' field out there which is equal to "." while in fact i've got '/user/lib/'. I also need to examine 'build.personal.properties' and 'default.properties' so every detail related to these three configuration files may prove to be helpful in the end. My fingers are still crossed...
  17. Hi again, Well, the field pointing at the temporary files directory now seems to work as intended: the value is retained after i saved the settings and then refreshed the page but it's like Last.FM wasn't working and i know it should because i just checked my credentials on their site and my account is active all right... I wish the creator(s) of Pandora's Jar were with us to take a look at this implementation. You've done your best, i still might have done a mistake but maybe there's something more fundamental that i don't see at the moment, like using a slash where there used to be a back-slash, whatever... Thanks anyway!
  18. Hi, You happen to have a great timing, i booted Linux a few minutes ago!... 8)
  19. Do you recommend i attempt another download? The date is still supposed to be "10/16/07"... :?:
  20. No joy so far. The "Temp Directory" field clears itself when i refresh the page after clicking on [save Settings], Pandora's Jar remembers what some other fields contain but this one is an exception - not to mention that Linux uses the slash "/" character instead of the back-slash"" one of DOS/Windows. Is there a way to impose the value which is contained in the "Temp Directory" field by writing it to one of the configuration files? Right now this section behaves as a display page only...
  21. The one thing that .MP3 players don't do though is to auto-destruct the files after they've been played once... :-P
  22. My fingers are crossed, i'm starting Linux to build a module right away! :D
  23. Thanks for the clarification, MoonLit! Then VMWare for Linux is preferable to WinE but it wasn't my idea to use WinE to run the Windows version of FireFox (plus the Pandora's Jar suite) under Linux anyway... :-)
  24. Ha, i forgot to mention that this is a bilingual French/English project.
  25. Hii, This is what i've done so far: http://forums.hak5.org/index.php/topic,7173.0.html It's a Linux Live CD and hence will be run in a Virtual Machine easily. The [Grab] button doesn't work though, that means you can only listen and grab manually. For a working "portable" solution i'd take a look at the U3/"Portable" version of FireFox, etc., but that's Windows. :roll:
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