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Favourite Hacking Programs/Tools/Scripts?


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Just wondering what you favourite hacking tools/scripts/programs are!

Please reply!

I'll start off with mine;

LoginRecovery BootCD

BackTrack3 LiveCD

Cain & Abel BootCD

Operator LiveCD

USB Claymore (switchblade distro that I made)

Nirsoft programs (in general)

U3 (You know what I mean!)

Now your turn ;)

Thanks in advance for any listings!


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Thanks, um, what's the home site for sctpscan?

(keep it coming guys! Going great!)

I think the guy that wrote it took it off line about a week after it went up. So if you don't have it or know someone that does, your unlikely to be able to get it. I have it but I don't host shit for other people and I don't think the creator whats people to have it.

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Thanks shido, metatron, DarkBlueBox & 10goto10. Um shido, I can't find ANY info on tgrinder... A little help here, please?!

I think its TSgrinder??

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Um, what do people use for Account Permission Escalation?

Eg; Turning a normal (non-admin) account into an admin account?

I've used Dial-A-Fix in the past, which is pretty good... I've also used RegAlyzer and the command line registry editing tool.

What do you use?

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Sorry for the late reply but yes its not tgrinder sorry its tsgrinder. If you go to hammerofgod.com youll find it along with a lot of other usefull software. If you still looking for softwares that may be usefull in security aspects then just leave me a message ill let you know. I cant say it here because i got a lot of applications and i cant remember half of it and i dont want to go look for names if its not even gona help. And just by the way you going to need linux for these programs im talking about because i switched to linux a week or so ago and now i got mostly linux programs, thats not to say i dont have windows programs because i got alot also that should be usefull to you, just send me a message.

B) ;)

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