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  1. SWEET!! I just submitted this to Digg (why wasn't it already on there?!). If you have a Digg-acount, please help spread the word: http://digg.com/design/A_hacker_s_graphic_...released_images
  2. It's not even a GUI by definition -- but nevertheless. The closest I came across are Errata's Ferret and WifiZoo. Combine this with wesside-ng/easside-ng and some automated bluesnarfing and you're coming close to having your own "SILICA" on a $0 budget (if you already have the hardware, ofcourse).
  3. If you don't mind your stuff being stored on somebody else's server, try Dropbox ( http://www.getdropbox.com/ )
  4. I came across a blog post discussing a $3600 handheld device that will automatically scan, exploit and snarf (look for interesting data like passwords) wireless networks. (This is not new, the device was released in 2006) The vendor site: http://www.immunitysec.com/products-silica.shtml A review: http://www.informit.com/guides/content.asp...&seqNum=247 Another review with pics: http://blogs.zdnet.com/security/?p=19 The actual system behind it is Immunity's CANVAS, which seems to be a Python script you can buy for $1450. I'm guessing this is a front-end, and the actual work is done
  5. I'm using an Eee 701 so I'll have to dig into Karma/Karmasploit. I kinda figured there would be a more basic approach to this, sort of like a nmap-like scan of the client to see what kind of adapter/system/OS is behind it.
  6. In my daily communting from work to home, I do some random wardriving with airodump-ng to see what's in the airwaves. Lately I noticed some unassociated clients with interesting names under the "probes" tab. They're there all during the train ride home, and never associate with an AP. How can I find out more about these machines, see what runs on them, etc.?
  7. I read this when the Slashdot came through my RSS tube. One of the first commenters hits the nail on the head when he/she says: This sums up why I like Hak5 so much. You guys cater to the old school hackers and coders, instead of the geek-hipsters that think they're hackers because they had someone walk them through a point'n'click iPhone jailbreak. I don't mind these "dumbed down" shows though, and I love to just get the easy version of a story when it's about something I don't really need to know all the details of. But when it comes to the subjects Hak5 talks about, I don't wanna be
  8. 10 PRINT "George Carlin!" 20 GOTO 10 But also: Lee Evans Mitch Hedberg Eddie Izzard
  9. This article might interest you, if I may plug my own writing: http://hak5.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=9458 This would fit in your pocket and sniff wireless traffic with any Linux tool you're comfortable with. Wireshark, Wellenreiter, Kismet, Dsniff, nmap, tcpdump, etc. You could use a Compact Flash ethernet card and plug it in, and scan for as much info as you need.
  10. Didn't Darren say in the 2nd Jasager segment that they were gonna show how to run it on the Eee?
  11. Web developers using a Mac have even more reason to be happy: http://macrabbit.com/espresso/ Looks like a TextMate on steroids!
  12. I think for a plain-text text editor, not having usefull features built in because of performance or stability issues should not be an argument. I can't see a text editor doing anything that a modern computer can't handle with ease. That said, plugins are ofcourse a god-sent gift for anybody who likes to customize his/her software. I have never used Notepad++, I just saw this big list of plugins which all had the functionality I needed, and I didn't feel like installing 8 plugins. Maybe on a lazy sunday afternoon...
  13. I see a lot of people using Notepad++ on Windows. Unfortunately I'd need to install a lot of plugins before I'd get PSPad's functionality (Function list, encoding conversion, hex editor, compare files, FTP synchronise, HTML tag matching, etc...). I'm surprised to see no UltraEdit fanatics here :)
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