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  1. Hmm is that a Google joke?
  2. I want to start a Knowledge basis for my friend's home software company. I want it to be simple deal where you just type some keywords AND or etc and it tries to find a solution from the database. Anybody have any web suggestions?
  3. I do wordpress stuff. What do you need?
  4. Ah sweet, well i found some templates for shirts, they like the guy size, girls size, with different color background etc. http://www.threadless.com/ starter kit has a PSD file for people to download. Maybe i can think of something cool for hak5. *note this doesn't mean they have to be printed at threadless, it just to mooch their template.
  5. OMG you need a driver's license to drive this sucker lol.
  6. I loved that episode, I am planning to make one soon. I want to start doing soldering boards to pimp out everything. HAK5 needs another person that does hardware hacking like that from time to time. The software hacking is cool, but the hardcore hardware hacking just to make the show more rounded and interesting is something I think is missing.
  7. Ah ok i see them, maybe we can make more types?
  8. Are there going to be Hak5 tshirts and other clothing line? If there no plans for them, maybe you guys maybe can have a contest for the best design on them from the Hak5 viewers. We can totally rip the threadless.com psd template for tshirts.
  9. Wow the diagrams looks sweet on that rover. LOL, next it be an aerial attack on the cat. youtube video
  10. zebrafx

    Linux Admin

    Hi all, I am learning linux , pretty much fedora at the moment. What should a linux admin know and what would one be asked to do on a daily basis. I am trying to see what I should practice or pay attention to more. Thanks
  11. I looked into a Sharepoint system. It looks like it can get a bit expensive and complex to setup and train. It might be a better choice for a larger company with larger resources and $$. The VPN looks like it can be more simple? Anybody have any real life experiences with setting up a VPN and running one. I am curious how well the free ones work.
  12. You need to go to the apple site and download their software to set up the router. You can't do the settings by typing the IP etc like linksys routers etc.
  13. http://4colorprint.com/print/Custom-Size-Stickers http://imagemakergraphics.com/labels/custom-labels.html Try those places out. Those are places which I heard from a friend that is supposively decent. Not sure on the pricing since it is custom cuts and stuff.
  14. I guess I will drop my 2 cents, I am surprised nobody mentioned to use Mozy at http://mozy.com/ You get 2 Gigs of off site backup for free through the internet. If you upgrade, it is something like 5 bucks a month for unlimited, or as much as your bandwidth allows. Supposively they won't know what you moving it up there if apply a key to encrypt the data. I generally find it somewhat reliable and good for what you get and costing free.
  15. Hi guys, long time viewer but never went to the forums here, figure I pick ya brains about a problem I want to solve. My friend has a small company maybe about 10 people together in two separate offices. He has like around 8 people in 1 and 2 people in another office. He wants to be able to share his files on a server on the 8 person location with the 2 person location. They have like cable modem and dsl etc. Normal speeds like 1.5 down 700 k up. The files they want to share is basically doc files and maybe small pictures. What do you guys think is the best way to "share" the network on the cheap. Thanks for reading!
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