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  1. I will entertain any offer but i know that they mark4 alone goes for 100 dollars. How about 130 for the whole lot?
  2. Hi All, is anyone interested in purchasing my equipment directly - otherwise i might post it on ebay. There's nothing wrong with it - I've had my fun and I can use the cash. anyone interested? - shoot me an offer - I will accept paypal transactions NOTE: there is one additional cable that is not displayed in this picture that is also included in the lot - usb to barrel cable for powering the AP using the battery pack.
  3. Hi all, sorry if this has been asked before, but I couldn't find an answer I am getting a message like this when I enable karma (im running the newest firmware) KARMA is disabled when handling probe request does anyone know why or a solution? thanks, napisani
  4. I have been running the 4 AA battery pack with standard fuji batteries. If I have a usb flash drive plugged in the battery only seems to handle the pineapple for about an hour. After that, it doesn't seem to have enough juice to keep the pineapple up and running, although the lights still power on. By using rechargeable battery packs, are you back charging the pineapple through the usb? If so could you still plug in a usb flash drive? if anyone could snap a picture it would be helpful. Thanks, ~napisani
  5. no you shouldn't need to enable anything else to start picking up clients. But, karma does not actually broadcast all ssids i don't think, it only broadcasts the ssid "pineapple" (or whatever you change it to). But when client computers are looking for access points it will act as if it were the access point. For example, when karma is enabled, and I go to view available wireless networks on my mac, I can see every ap I have ever connected too plus the pineapple ssid. No matter which one I select it will establish a connection to the pineapple. R u running the latest firmware 2.1.2?
  6. That feature in pineapple is called karma, make sure it is enabled. It will authorize any computer that is attempting to connect to any router. For example, if I had a computer called NICK-PC and when it powered on it searched for the SSID "wifi" the pineapple would pick up the request and snag the connection as if it were the router emitting the "wifi" SSID. hope that helps.
  7. fuji batteries, I used a multimeter to determine the voltage being pushed out and it read about 6 volts. is that right? I think the ac adapter is like 12
  8. for some reason I never get the pineapple to boot up when using the battery pack that holds 4 double As. Is there a trick to it? I even tried putting a smaller tip on the end to better fit the ap51 power jack. any suggestions?
  9. I was thinking about selling my mkIII anyone interested?
  10. Thanks barry for those settings, it worked perfectly :)
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