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  1. Here's a new one; http://www.technitium.com/tmac/index.html Seems alright, little disappointed that there's no CLI component, but it does the trick.
  2. Wait, I thought you guys were meant to be security experts? Unless they're a sponsor? In which case, put a disclaimer within your next advert
  3. *cough* we here at the RIAA didn't here that :P
  4. Within the latest episode GameFly was advertised as having games for every console... So where's Amiga, SNES & N64? USBHacker
  5. Just an idea, but perhaps enabling RDP then logging in as Local Admin? Yes it disrupts the session, but still, it's an idea! Also, if the account is already locked, then well... problem solved? Hope this helps, USBHacker
  6. Thanks for recommending for me to use SystemInfo. However, of all the tasks I need to complete, only one of them is solved with the SystemInfo command. That is, RAM size. Please recommend me something else. Thanks in advance, USBHacker
  7. Hello For the past few weeks I've been working on a Maintenance Program, (well more of a Batch converted to C++, as all it does is launch programs), which; - Opens up Scheduled Tasks (so I can check Last Run Time and Last Result) - Opens Disk Management (so I can check software RAID health [Windows RAID1]) - Opens network share where backups are copied to (.bkf from ntbackup) so I can check if the backups are cataloged (and it's size) - Open System Properties, so I can check RAM size Does anyone know of a program which can checks some, or all, of the above tasks, for me? Preferably one that shows everything in one window (one program) or tabs. If you know of one, please suggest! Thanks in advance, USBHacker BTW: OS=Windows Server 2003
  8. By security tools, I'm talking about the kind of penetration testing tools/features that you would find in a distribution such as BackTrack or my one. I'm especially interested in tools that can 'hack' wireless networks (such as aircrack, though the iPhone/iPod Touch doesn't have a compatible wireless card). USBHacker
  9. Hi After reading about the iPhone and the iPod Touch, and finding that they both use the iPhone OS, I have pretty much decided to get the iPod Touch. But before I use any of my money to buy some hardware that I will primarily use for security related ventures, I would first like to know what security orientated tools are available for the iPhone OS platform. After doing a little bit of research, I have found 2, them being NMap and Metasploit. Also found aircrack, but seems a bit useless since airodump-ng can't be used with it [yet]. Does anyone know of any other security related tools for the iPhone/iPod Touch? If so, please tell me/us of them. Thanks in advance, USBHacker
  10. ^Awesome, good on ya! After reading the wikipedia article, my decision remains unchanged. In fact, I'm even more firmly into the idea of getting an iPod Touch instead of an iPhone. Mostly because of them both using the same OS. Well I'll be starting a new topic for the discussion of security applications for iPhone/iPod Touch. USBHacker
  11. ^Oh oh oh! The iPod Touch runs faster then the iPhone? Well in that case, unless further evidence upon the state of security applications for the iPhone not running on the iPod Touch)... I will be getting an iPod Touch. Thanks for clearing this up for me. USBHacker PS: If you find out that there are security applications for the iPhone that won't work on the iPod Touch, please tell me ASAP.
  12. Hmm... thanks. Well I don't use my phone all to much, and if I were to have a headset... well that would defeat the whole purpose of having an iPhone . On a strictly security tools basis, do you think it will matter if I get an iPod Touch instead of an iPhone? Oh, and your comment on AT&T has no impact on me, since I don't live in the US. (in fact I've never been to America!) So thanks for all your replies, please just answer my most recent question. Thanks in advance, USBHacker
  13. Hi Well I have a little predicament. Where I study, in the city, isn't the safest place to carry an iPhone around. As every time someone calls me, I'll have to take out an expensive item... . So I was thinking that I should get an iPod Touch instead. So my question to this forum, is as follows; Will all iPhone applications [specifically security related ones] work on the iPod Touch? As far as I know, the only differences between them is that the iPhone has the phone feature! (also that the iPod Touch is thinner and lighter). Please reply! Thanks in advance, USBHacker
  14. Then what would you recommend? I wish to make myself completely anonymous (untraceable) online. This includes IM (WLM), IRC & HTTP/HTTPS traffic. Please recommend something, Thanks in advance, USBHacker PS: What I've been recommended is Steganos, however I would prefer if there was a free alternative.
  15. ls; Sorry, but I have terrible upload speeds... if anyone else would like to torrent it, go right ahead. But I will be unable to torrent it. If there is a faster free online hosting than adrive that supports up to 4.7GB, please tell me of it. (I think adrive only supports up to 2GB) So... what'd you think of my distribution so far? You can [probably] see that there is a lot missing, and a lot that needs to be changed... so if there is anything not mentioned on my blog: http://panarchy.wordpress.com/ ... Then please tell me of it! Thanks in advance, USBHacker
  16. Hello Thanks to all who gave me advice for helping me along the way. Now's the time for my first public release, version 0.9, of my distribution. For more information, see this (temporary) blog I made: http://panarchy.wordpress.com/ I'll be very happy to receive feedback on my distribution. (either on this forum &/or on my blog) Thanks, and I hope you enjoy my distribution! Chip D. Panarchy
  17. Thanks. However, I have almost finished my distribution (expect first public release today or tomorrow) [v0.9] Also, if I can find that magazine, I might get it anyway (might have some good idea's with kernel mods), if I can find it (not from US)
  18. Well I've got 48, which isn't that much for me. Since I only installed Windows the day before yesterday... It's taking up about 25%, if that, of my desktop. USBHacker
  19. ^Don't know if I'm understanding your right... that's helpful for things like supercomputers... right? Thanks, nice idea... However, one of the main reasons I'm doing this is for GNOME... so, yeah... But thanks for the offer!
  20. I seem to remember this been done on two big 'table-screen's over at some convention... And there'd be multi pointer and multi keyboard features... then he'd drag something from one screen to another... woh, it was awesome! I'd get one myself, if it was under a thousand... LOL But I think Mac is working on something like that (multi-touch) for there new OS. (last I checked, codenamed: Snow Leopard). USBHacker
  21. I understand what you're saying. Those dependencies are killing me... Spent some of today on it, added around half the programs I need, and am already on 2.2GB. (Without squashfs, just right click->properties) So, maybe your right and I should start without a window manager. Thanks Panarchy
  22. Fresh prince of Bel-Air? (or whatever!) Okay, so anyways... let's get back on topic. I most of the day today working on my distribution, and have ended up starting all over again, building on Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex). I have gotten it virtually up to where I was before, when I had built it on a 1.2GB version of Ubuntu (Super Ubuntu). I have removed a lot of unnecessary packages to free up space (Things like GIMP, documentation & OpenOffice). When I wake up tomorrow I will start adding tools suggested to me on this forum, on the other forum & from mailing lists. Thanks for all help given so far, USBHacker PS: I have gotten an email complain over use of the name 'HackBuntu' from JMG over at milw0rm, saying that they've been using the name for there own distribution for years! So I will need a new name ASAP. Thanks in advance for suggestions!
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