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What notebook Hak.5 Recommends?


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I would suggest the Macbook or if you can afford it the Macbook pro. :grin:

I have had mine for about 8 months and I love it!

I did upgrade the memory to 4GB myself so I was able to save myself serious $$$

Also Apple has some great student discounts! :cool:

anyways hacking wise,

backtrack 3 beta works wonderfully on it. full wireless support out of the box! even wireless packet injecting!

you can crack 128 WEP in 2-3 minutes....if that  :shock:

This is also the only laptop that can run Windows, OSX and Linux natively and legally.

Yes I know some Dell or whatever laptops can run OSX with the OSX86 project but OSX works the best on mac hardware.

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I want a laptop made of Wood, thats so small it fits into my back pocket, it needs to be ultra light weight, yet have the processing power of 8 cores, it must also have a battery life of 10 hours, it should also have a solar panel attatched to the top of the screen which I can tilt at an ankle to best charge the battery, there should also be some sort of crystal insde the laptop that charges the laptop as I move around (kinetic or something)

Once I remove the laptop from my back pocket It should fold out to include a full size QWERTY keyboard, touchpad and also a 17" Widescreen monitor, should have basic WIFI, GPRS etc.

I think that covers my basic needs, oh I don't want a branded laptop - becauses its not hip, and I also only have $200 to spend on it.

Can you help...?

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