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  1. Out of the box worked great on my thinkpad t60p Not VM in any way 40 GB space + ubunu + XP all of them 40 GB No drivers to use for my SATA Video wireless was easy Blew it up twice on purpose for testing and it recovered once the seocnd time i don't think it had a chance in hell release Dons malware package on it and it never had any second thoughts about dieing but the first test package was good! recovered fine in less then 15 min! Blows vista away hands down as we all know!
  2. Rain

    Vista Tiny

    EWWS That's like a nasty little whore don't touch that !
  3. I finally read all these all i wanna say is[i] WOW[/i] what if i send in $500 Can i get a custom hak5 unicorn? or like a 4 foot evil server vinyl wall sticker? OR A 8 foot hak5 Laser unicorn VS evil server Vinyl wall sticker ? ** day dreams the carnage**
  4. yea we would be a BT# x 2 knock off. you can repackage BT with some hak.5 backgrounds and colors and themes
  5. SO HERE IT IS Jan HAS YOUR isp KNOCKED ON YOUR DOOR YET? then i think your fine man!
  6. Rain


    6 months ...... with over 1250k+ clients on the Mid Atlantic area alone Ccast would DIE! Anyone use road runner? Isn't it more of a southern us thing?
  7. Can you get the netflix instant DL to your PC or Xbox? perhaps capture the stream.?
  8. The little things i live by. a.unfiltered traffic. all Cable providers have lanes of unfiltered traffic. b.They can cut the bogus mac off but they cant track down the source unless they go to every house on the block and test it at my wall. c.http://www.tcniso.net/ the firm ware allows you to do Misc things so the SNMP has different effect. I am not a Guru of cable hacking but i am pretty sure they don't care. 36 months and counting.i may also confuse them because i also pay for Legit service in the house and have the modded firmware.
  9. 656,066 WOW i saw that at first and thought it sais 666,666 this project ids doomed in 10600 post.!!
  10. Powerful ... you start losing power once you get smaller then the eee 900 700 MHZ if i remember At this point if you are knowledgeable with Linux i would say an Nokia or hand held internet device.
  11. nope Wouldn't clone anything. Its all about the configs!
  12. I think again newegg has some 7" net6books. but i don't know what that is there is a new AMD geodge its like 4 in but Why the crap would you want one OMG
  13. Rain


    I don't know and ALL ISP's monitor !
  14. Or use a hacked modem! In my case they don't see any of my traffic! Thanks to a aliased friend of mine not on here Matrix! *works at the big CCast! they dont see NOTHIN!
  15. Ill test and QA! i don't know if i have enough time to code :(
  16. Has your AV been PWNED today? to be honest fantastic list.
  17. I have a decked out thinkpad t60p! 2.4 GHZ 3 GB ram all the fun Intel virtual upgrades a ATI 5250 ATI mobility FireGL Any ideas to mod ANY part of it? Its the lame black they all are its Sweet but just lame looking and i got the 9cell so i am not afraid to add lights or do anything that takes more power! Or any over clocking would be cool?
  19. This is a tough ground. The idea of having everything VM is great. But VM's are unreliable. they have the standard of crashing and no data recovery if the disk was being written to. in my experience the VHD sometimes has some problems expanding to unless you want to allocate all disk space ahead of time but that can take HOURS! So best bet it to have only things like VPN and telnet/vnc servers in VM. FS's would be great because they don't require much CPU and overhead unless it is used 24/7. But again it scares me to wonder if all my datais slwoing be corrupted. ** kinda one of those things i lay awake at night thinking about.** But ESXi is GREAT! i habet had a problem with it yet. ** i still don't trust MY data to it though** Let us know how it works out! NAS and SANS - that is just me tho i am crazy about Data and recovery times :(
  20. Brilliant!! Instead of paying for software we make it so if wer get a postcard yu can use software company's product! VISTA 1 postcard XP 1 postcards office 3 postcards Buying laptops using pay-pal! 5 postcards killing the same amount of tress to pay for crap PRICELESS! X bored to tears at workX
  21. I head some of these services are in Canada and if you had a sweet Canadian friend you can connect to his server and DL through the tunnels!
  22. There are torrent pay proxy's i know they have a free service out there somewhere but it is GB limited unless you have multiple accounts :) OR PAY!
  23. I think the biggest problem with TOR is it is SLOW! SSH and Proxy's will get you the fastest VPN can sometimes be held up in side of ""CERTIAN"" networks
  24. To be honest i have not gone wrong using IBM/Lenovo Yet! nice 12.2 tablet 2.2GHZ with 4 GB ram !! Fedora and Ubuntu run great! + XP is a smash easy install.
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