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hacking text based games


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this is my first post i am wonderin if anyone knows any hacks for text based games

Links to any examples?

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10 PRINT n00b
20 GOTO 10

even this?

Yep, the run time environment for code like that is probably vulnerable to code injection. The code you write isn't necessarily flawed, but the code that your code is running on top of probably is. If you wrote (for example) a BIOS (the lowest level code on a computer) and you can mathematically prov that it is perfect, then it can probably be attacked at the hardware level.

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Do not cheat in games.

You made me agree with K1u, something's wrong here.

...so yeah, don't cheat in (multiplayer) games.

But its true man... its true! I cannot imagine anyone who has fun cheating in games, notice how I do not say hacking, ITS CHEATING, downloading someone else's programs to cheat in games is not hacking.

Let me explain more deeply, when you just pwned a n00b in CSS, your like w00t right? Now imagine if pwning that n00b was so incredibly easy that it took no skill, how would you feel then? Like a asshole? Correct.

Cheating in games is not fun, and it is lame.

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