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duelus' project

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**descriptions may not make sense, I just copied and pasted my post from my build thread at g2ic.com. Motor is coming very soon, I'll am planning on boosting to 7 PSI, after rebuilding the motor. I know its really not computer related (there will be a few wiring harness hacks and possibly a chipping of the ECU) but I'd thought I would share!**

I just got my second car, a 92 Integra LS shell. The body has 130,xxx miles, new paint , mint interior and a pretty straight body. After selling my 91 Civic EF, I started looking for a new project, upon searching craigslist I found this integra. It was in pretty rough shape and the seller wanted $500 for it. Here are the pictures he sent me via craigslist before I went out to see it:










As you can see the car wasn't looking to good, the interior was riced out and it need a whole lot of TLC. About a week later me and a friend (I believe hes a member on this board) vtecdreamer went out to take a look at it. I ended up buying it that night and having it delivered for $400.

Once I got it home first thing to do was start de-ricing. I took off the type R badge in the back, and starting ripping out the interior:



Next day I took the hood off and up to my work (I work at a self service carwash) and got the underside all cleaned up, and oil free:



Also, the red spray paint came off on a few interior pieces:


After searching for a matching interior dye (that I couldn't find) I went out and got 2 cans of Satin black Krylon Fusion. I washed all the pieces that I was going to paint with dishsoap and prepped a few with wetsanding. I then sprayed each piece with about 4 coats and the outcome was amazing! The Satin Black looks very similar to the original interior color of palmy blue, its hard to tell the difference.


Didn't know about the 15 image limit, so heres the rest of my first post:

Heres a picture of the cleaned hood:


And the not so great topside of the hood, which will be painted sometime in the next 2 weeks:


Started cleaning the engine bay little by little:



Shaved the front emblem:



I'm looking for a b18a1 with a standard transmission that is in good shape, so if your in the DFW area let me know! Hope a motor will be in within 2 months time! I'm still decided on what I want to do with the car, if I'm going to keep it n/a or boost, maybe even ls/vtec? Who knows? Only time will tell! Well thats it for today, I leave you with a few pictures of how the car sits. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to hit me up.




Just thought I would post some pictures of my last car:

The day I bought it for $400


Towed it home for $120

$40 distributor and ignition coil = car running

Sold for $1400.



Today I did a bit of work on the Honda. I cleaned the nasty copper AC line. Anyone looking to get the same results just needs 3M rubbing compound and a scotchbrite pad:

Some done:






<random pictures>

Looks like I need a new axle:


Engine bay shot:


Haven't cleaned the hatch yet, looks like someone's relocated battery spilled, qutie a few times:


^ whole car needs carpet replacing, but after motor.

At least I have a strut brace:


Washed her today:


A bit of scratch removal and waxxing too:


Everything accept the hood looks like this:


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<commence head light restoration>

So, got an urge to clean out, and restore my head lights.



I started removing the bumper:


Screws, were so tight I stripped most of them:


Did some research and found out I was taking the bumper off the complete wrong way:


Removed the bumper, the much easier way but only after pounding a 3/8 socket onto a 10mm socket. Some one else had stripped the bolt, but it was coming off one way or another:


This clip wouldn't come off either, I just cut the wires. Will re solder them when I put it back together:


Nasty blue bulbs, they were this color in every socket:




Stepped on my good corner:


Everything is off:


Saw some dirt and grease, what did I do? Cleaned IT!


Nice and clean:


Well thats it for now, I came inside to eat, and as soon as I'm done, its back to the garage to take the lenses apart, clean them out, polish and put back together. I'll take some pictures of that and will try to get them up tonight!

Painted the hood today! Painting the hood took something like 315 grams of NH538. And a lot of clear coat, not to mention the reducers and stuff. Took about 3 hours to get it sprayed. I haven't wet sanded it yet, will do tomorrow.

Looked like this in the morning:


Paint formula:


Not to much mixing:






Ready to spray:




A good friend of mine, who owns the business spraying. He's been doing it for 20 years now, hes pretty pro at it:


The truck where it all happens. Theres about 9 of these running around DFW working at dealerships and such, I've assisted on quite a few. Hopefully will get one of my own someday:


My friends 91 Geo metro also got some work, it sees about 1000 miles a week of travel. You should have seen the rock chips on it:




And cleared, the final product, looks great, now I just need a paintless dent man to go around the car and hood and it will be in top shape:


The car is coming along great, will post update after its wet sanded and front end is put back together!

Headlights turned out pretty good:


I still need to buff the fogs, but at least there easy to take off.

Hood is so fresh, I still need to wet sand and buff a bit more. I also need to find the trim for the drivers side, if you have it, LMK!


Also worked on my non-cracked bumper light, I think I'm going to keep them stock for now, I dont have money to spend on true JDM ambers yet.



Wash and wetsand:


Buffed, need to clear them:


On another note, In the last day we've had something like 4 inches of hard rain. I think its been the first rain since I've bought the car. I was glad to find out nothing leaks, passenger side carpet was dry as a bone, hatch too!

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Definately a subject for the Mod/hacking section. That is one helluva mod/hack in itself. Hope it turns out well for you. Lot of work involved and I can see how much hard work was already put into it. Maybe add a video or two to show us the updates. Cool project!  8-)

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Very cool! I'm a fellow car builder. Current toy is a '90 240SX Coupe.

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Very cool! I'm a fellow car builder. Current toy is a '90 240SX Coupe.

Awesome! You have the KA24DE engine? Those are pretty tight cars, I've always liked Nissans.

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Hey Duelus... could you just link to the pictures please. It takes forever to load all of these pictures.

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Wow, that a serious mod.  Nicely done.

ps. Longest post ive ever seen!  :P

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Very cool! I'm a fellow car builder. Current toy is a '90 240SX Coupe.

Awesome! You have the KA24DE engine? Those are pretty tight cars, I've always liked Nissans.

Yup, keeping the KA24. I've beat the turbo route to death, so I'm working on a stroked KA with individual throttle bodies.

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Nice Teg,

Awesome to see the build and how it is going. I am Also a builder as well. I have an S13 from Japan that I have setup for drift, a bit of a sleeper but all the good gear underneath,

Great work, keep posting up the updates.

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lol, boy racer's. It's better to have a fast engine and cool gadgets than a pretty exterior.

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