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  1. Hey to find out more about me check out my blog www. puredistortion. com or see the basics bellow. Favourite game: Fear on the PS3 and Wii Sports Favourite OS: Linux Favourite console: Nintendo Wii Nationality: AU Accent: Caffiene indused Jibberish Sex: Male Age: 26 Race: Australian Height: 5'8" ish Status: Working hard or Hardly working :) Build: Normal Favourite band: ATM Dual Core Favourite book: Wireless Haking Exposed. . . just got it Favourite author: Tolkien Favourite movie: Transformers that rocked Favourite director: Michale Bay Favourite TV Show: Heros, Doctor who and online Hak5 Favourite actor: The guy at my local Maccas who acts like he is happy to work there. Favourite actress: who was that chick in Dallas :P. . . seriously it would be the chick from the office. Favourite Pinup: dunno Favourite Comedian: Ross Noble Other hobbies: Playing Wii, Coding, Skateboarding, Slot Cars, Table top Wargaming Car: Nissan S13 Silvia Turbo Occupation: Senior Linux Systems Engineer
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