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i have a bad hang over


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So after a full night of drinking and partying, passing out in front of my monitor watching a past episode of hak5, i have a hang over and it sucks.

I read that drinking apple cider helps, but I don't have any.

what do you guys do when you have a hang over?

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This fixes me as far as hangovers go:

I brew a cup of green tea and drink that, and then make a banana/strawberry/pineapple smoothie and drink that.

I start feeling better pretty damn fast, remember to drink enough water every day regardless of what you're doing, hangover effects are lessened if you're properly hydrated.

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Gatorade to rehydrate and a soda for caffeine usually do the trick for me. No coffee or Tea as they are Diaretics and work better than soda to dehydrate you, but caffeine will help in general, so have a coke or pepsi to top it off. Try not to eat anything with dairy if you have had a lot of hard liquor(it will curdle and make you vomit). I try to wait till mid day to start eating again if I have really tied on a good one. Your body wants to devote all of its energy to moving the alchohol out of your blood and through the liver to the kidneys.

Alchohol in general will dehydrate the body, so if your up on the fluids, you can lessen the headaches and body aches, but avoid anything that will tax your liver or heavy on the stomach as it will make things worse. Ginger Ale will settle the somach if your already sick and vomiting along with the Gatorade.

At 19 I was hospitalised with Alchohol poisoning, so I have a long history with drinking problems starting as far back as 7th grade. I am now 33 and happy to say sober. You live, you learn, and you make mistakes, but one thing you can lways do is trust that someone else has been through it before you. If  I can share any advice with you, know that all is good in moderation, but don't over do it. When you feel you should not drive, then your at the time you should probably stop drinking and start replenishing those fluids you replaced with alchohol. Doing this before you go to sleep will help beat that nasty hangover the next morning.

Be safe and remember not to drive. Even if you think you can, then your far too gone already. :)

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