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thanks people, ill install open BSD on one of my old comps, if i like it ill upgrade it onto my server and thank you all 8D

thankyou and im still looking for reply's because im interested to know what *nix you use (and does anyone use unix?)

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I run Gentoo on my laptop, Debian on my main box as well as my main Asterisk box and Fedora Core 5 on my work box.

Gentoo with Fluxbox

Debian main box with KDE

Debian Asterisk box with nothing

Fedora Core 5 with Gnome

Any old equipment I have tends to get Debian with Fluxbox installed on them.

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ill install open BSD on one of my old comps

Good luck with OpenBSD. Personally, I much prefer FreeBSD because of the FreeBSD Handbook. It's very helpful for someone just started out.

I tried to use OpenBSD when making the switch from Linux but found the community very demeaning. After that I tried FreeBSD and found the community very helpful. As for OpenBSD being "more secure", it's as secure as the administrator. Someone who knows what they're doing with FreeBSD can make a system just as secure as OpenBSD and someone who doesn't know what they're doing can make OpenBSD just as insecure as Windows.

I also like OSX, that's a very nice nix.

The more I work with OS X the more I'm convinced it's not a very good nix. No matter what they say it's a proprietary OS. When they start converting config files into binaries and messing with "standard" *NIX file structures they just mess things up. Don't get me wrong, it's a great OS for certain things, but it's move a long way (and is going further) from being *NIX.


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