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  1. Are those before and after makeup pictures?? j/k
  2. It really depends on what you want to learn. I started going to a university with a computer science major. I then decided that I wanted to do a computer science major with a computer networking minor. After getting into Comp. Sci. a bit further I decided that I wasn't a major coder. I enjoy smaller projects and some of the design, but not the coding so I changed to a Comp. Networking major with a Comp. Sci. minor and that's what I graduated with. The biggest thing I could say is go to college of some kind. While at college try to get some kind of tech job. Any experience you can get would be
  3. I'm confused, with zoneedit you would be able to keep whatever domain name you want. If what you're asking for is a user to type http://www.wildandbad.com but be pointed to your server at a specific port then you're asking for something that can't be done. The "http" controls the default port for your browser. Unless you want to change what the user's services file sets the default port for http to use you won't be able to have them go to http://www.wildandbad.com but point to http://yourip:8080, it just won't work. Sorry. Ben
  4. ben

    Noob question

    I'm going to go against most of you and say that you can't tell if someone is a hacker by what programs they use. Just because they use sub7 doesn't mean they are a noob. sub7 may be the best tool for the job. I've said before, do you know of a hacker that doesn't use a tool like Nmap, Metasploit, Ettercap, etc.?? Just because they use someone else's program doesn't make them a noob, it may just mean that someone else already did the hard work and why should they replicate code? As degoba said, it really depends on how much you understand. A hacker is someone who understands why and how thin
  5. stingwray - I certainly wouldn't call it a "waste of space" since it's a good archive of the past. Without theBroken we probably wouldn't have Hak.5 or any other good IPTV shows to watch. They really broke ground and delivered a new product to the masses. How many of the IPTV shows that you watch were inspired by theBroken?? Probably most. VaKo - Yes, they have been planning a comeback for a long time. Unfortunately the creator of theBroken has A.D.D. (I'm guessing on that one) and can't really stick with anything good that he creates for more than a few episodes. And even more unfortunate
  6. Yes you will. You just won't be able to shape them differently than other encrypted traffic. There should always be a failover shaping rule and since you should have a rule that says standard http traffic is a high priority this other unknown traffic could get a lower priority. Ben
  7. MrDave2176 - When an old ISP that I had blocked port 80 my DNS provider, zoneedit (which is a free DSN service), had a service called web forwarding. It works in one of two ways: 1. It can keep the URL as the main URL (http://www.mydomain.com) and capture the URL with the different port in a frame. 2. It can forward to the server running on a different port and in the location bar show http://server2.mydomain.com:8080 I'm not sure what you're currently using for DNS service but I would suggest that changing to zoneedit, if at all possible, may be the easiest solution. Ben
  8. I'm sure the author would have liked to have kept the name Ethereal as well but when the company says they own the name it was probably much easier for him to just start off with a different name rather than start a legal battle. Ben
  9. I wouldn't say that Digg can teach anyone anything about hacking. Yes, it's an interesting social networking site but I wouldn't put it in this list. I've got issues with Security Now! They are trying to do good things by explaining everything in a very dumbed down way but Steve Gibson bothers me because he jumps way overboard on things and isn't always technically accurate. Ben
  10. Ethereal is dead, long live Wireshark. Ben
  11. Not exactly. The difference between sniffing a hub and a switch is that a... 1. hub automatically forwards every packet on the network to your computer and then your computer decides whether or not to care about the packets. 2. switch requires the attacker to "tell" the victim's computer that the attacker's computer is actually the default gateway. The attacker's computer must then be set up to forward any received packets (that aren't supposed to end at the attacker's computer) on to the proper destination. Any tool won't do, but, as Harrison said, Dsniff and Ettercap make the job easy. A
  12. I don't know if I'd really care to go to DEFCON anymore. As Harrison said, it's really just become a party and I'm not much of a partier. I would like to make it to ShmooCon and BSDCan sometime though because I think they've both got good technical quality. Ben
  13. I have my Bachelors Degree (Major: Comp. Networking, Minor: Comp. Sci.), Network+, and RHCT (for work) I may work on my Security+ because that is what I'd like to get into for a career. Ben
  14. I agree with VaKo on this one. This post is actually a good suggestion. If users want to to learn to hack they should: a. Get one or two spare computers and practice hacking those. b. Get VMware Player and VMX Builder and then hack virtual machines on their own desktops. c. Go to HackersLab, PullThePlug, Root Wars or one of the many other wargames sites out there that offer a spot for you to legally hack. Ben
  15. I've got a Proxim Silver card and it's great. I purchased it because I wanted to play around with making a cantenna and it has an external connector. It may not work for you though because it uses the Atheros chipset. I'm not sure why you can't get it to work with Linux because since the release of MadWifi drivers I haven't had a problem with Linux support. Heck, FreeBSD even supports Atheros chipset cards so it's turned out to be a great card for me. Ben
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