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Im on to find a descent web host which is relatively cheep, i no most of you guys have a website and just wondering who you would suggest? Ive looked at dream host and the price and feature list seems very good but ive hurd bad things about them??

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As much as I'd like to support the sponsors of Hak5... Dreamhost has been having some uptime problems as of late... And godaddy has stolen a domain and caves at a hint of problems. So I would not recommend either. I don't have a better suggestion but stay away from godaddy at the very least.

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hmm i run with:





Ive been with 1and1, and layeredtech the longest and i hve to say im happy with them, through 3ix set up a lot quicker (like 3h's) and ive had no problem with them either. Servage we had the issue of them banning our account for host movies, they were all legal, all user submited webcam clips for a contest, but they saw the file type and banned us. took awhile to get it back up.

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Whatever you do, do not use Pipex/Webfusion hosting. I've just about finished a 5 contract working for them and there services are terrible. Just google for webfusion and negative keywords.

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