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hacking StarBucks ?

Justin Ewing

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Starbucks? Is there really a point in that? and "owning noobs"

<sarcasm>Also, I'm pretty sure that the the moderators on the forums here would love you announcing that you want to hack something like that and will happily help you.</sarcasm>

But ill be fair and say this, I'm not a mod/admin, but it's not a good idea to post just random stuff like that, it gives the wrong image off.

Not got the power to tell you not to do it again, but I'll politely ask that please think before you post.

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Any Idea on Hacking star bucks and owing some noobs!!!

I vote for blowing up a piece of corporate art and rolling it into the coffee shop.

[high five] The first rule of project mayhem is we do not talk about project mayhem

... so WTF are you talking about it for?.... good reference though.

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noob question ~~> i have used cain before but when u use the wireless what do i do , becouse all it shows is wifi but i cnt connect to them or get informati0on from them. Of maybe i dnt know what i am doing ,( i think thats what it is) lol . what would i do?

io think i need a crash course on cain?

Sorry for noobing it out lol
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In my opinion it's not really worth it to do anything at starbucks. Your going to wast time and get pissed when you realize that there isn't anything of value on their network. Try something a little for challenging... The Gibson maybe...

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