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  1. it seems that the site is down and that it was apparently infected (info here) does anyone know where to find this? I'd like to try it, thanks
  2. Team Fortress Classic? I know there are programs for CS that allow you to play music in game, I"m sure you could use one of those to mic spam in TFC
  3. <cough>rootkit</cough>
  4. https://proxy.deliriumservers.com ^I'm in high school, this is my proxy the scariest thing is that when you google my proxy, it has mostly arabic results...
  5. yes that's a very good idea. Actually the other night I tried nUbuntu, and the drivers worked automatically and even connected to a network automatically, however, it seems the madwifi drivers were still to old, so my card wouldn't go into monitor mode or something atm I'm going to try installing ubuntu or xubuntu and try installing the newest madwifi drivers, then the newest airscript-ng and then airoscript
  6. looks interesting I'll have to try that. my other favorite multi monitor program is ultramon
  7. I did some digging, I have an atheros mini-pci card that I bought off of ebay. backtrack needs me to run this to set it up: airmon-ng start wifi0 this causes the card to be detected and sets up ath1 for monitor mode however.... I can't detect any wireless networks using the two wifi setup/config programs in backtrack any ideas? thanks!
  8. depends, at my school, websense blocks TOR
  9. websense can block TOR, also simple port blocking usually takes care of it
  10. for old hardware would this work? store your keys on your thumbdrive in a truecrypt volume? hrm but this would mean that you already had to be booted into windows... I guess I need to find some more information on bitlocker
  11. to answer your question, this is how I run nircmd from my autorun file shellexecute=nircmd.exe execmd CALL start.bat start.bat needs to be the file you are trying to run including the location, mine happens to be in the same folder so I don't need an address
  12. phpproxy is indeed very easy to setup and fast to run, however if you need greater usability cgiproxy is far superior, it will work with almost any website. there are a great number of websites that phpproxy will not work with. ssl vpn I believe is the way to go
  13. modded version of server2003 IMO this is one of the fastest most stable operating systems out there I might consider the final version of longhorn, I beta tested it a while ago, and actually took it off because I didn't like it
  14. pretty much everything is blocked at my school, including ssh only ports open are 80 and 443 80 is web filtered 443 is not filtered! so I setup a php proxy that has an ssl certificate, got a ddns system going and boom, my popularity at school went up or maybe I just surf porn in the library the next step will be an ssl vpn since I miss using rdp
  15. look on the wiki for a program called 'nircmd' by calling it and asking it to run the batch file, nothing will popup
  16. @advanced I use http://www.febooti.com/products/filetweak/ to change the file attributes to system files ! yes resolving the drive letter problem is becoming very important to me! Even for regular u3 drives my school computers mess them up, this is becoming a growing problem!
  17. ^ it appears that what is happening is that the cdrom partition of u3 takes the first available drive letter (G in this case) while the flash partition tries to take the next letter (H). However in the network I'm on, there is an H drive already there! Going into the management console -> disc manager I can locate the flash partition and give it a different drive letter, but this defeats the automation!! is there a way to get the flash drive to just take the next available letter and not try to force the next letter from the cdrom?
  18. I recommend http://dvdflick.sourceforge.net/ since it's so easy, it will trans code and resize your video correctly, but don't expect super nice menus on the dvd
  19. that you can connect from almost any windows computer and jack around, just simple I guess
  20. this is pretty easy to do in apache, you can bind virtual hosts to ip addresses and ports
  21. mmm I've seen some free programs around that talk about doing this automatically, rather than using nero.. google
  22. haha no, I made my nick santa and said something about liking candy or something of that effect
  23. so this is all working with grub? I was actually looking around yesterday on how to dual boot backtrack and 2003 on my laptop, but I was under the impression that backtrack only worked with lilo
  24. I wonder if it's me you're after? I was talking to my self inside of your chat room since no one was online. btw I like it, it's telnet, and a chatroom, attractive for some reason
  25. what happens if admins have disabled the script server? won't the vbs not run?
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