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C/C++ Workstarion


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Okay so my C++ skills have never been my high point, well actualy its my C skills never did anythink that involved the use of C++...

So now that im on hollidays ive got a few weeks to my self, so was gonna try out a few C/C++ tuts see if i cant improve a little.

Now for the question, whats ur C/C++ worstation setup? in the way of editor and compiler (i say workstation coz not every one uses a standard package).

I ask this coz ive only used "Bloodshed Dev-C++", and "MS Visual C++" and have found that Bloodshed is very limiting in it compiling, in the way of most of the tutorials i read though dont work on it, but will on MS :S, so any one know of a friendly setup? perferably free :D though doesnt matter.

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vi, g++ and make is all you need.

All that shit is available for Windows too you know...

What he said except vi is for girls. Use emacs. </starts flame war>

In all seriousness though, what he said is quite correct for what your talking about. If you use windows try cygwin. Its xemacs and vim editors are pretty decent. :)

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I love visual studio as an IDE, nothing else has come close to it from what I have used.

Whenever possible, I use visual studio.

On linux, if I am doing a large amount of coding, I'll fire up a windows vm with visual studio, if I am doing a small bug fix or something I'll use codeblocks.

For building, I use visual studio's stuff for windows, and depending on what I need done, either a hand written or modified makefile, or just use codeblocks in linux.

I used to be one of the hardcore "I don't use IDE's and do all my compiling on the command line, and don't use code completion", then I realised that it just made programming more of a chore, for no benefit. I now take the approach of "if it helps me to accomplish my goal quicker, I'll use it". I prefer finding a solution to a problem, not screwing around with typo's or bugs in the build procedure. There is no point.

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