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  1. good doc. You should definitely edit it up and submit it to analog5, there in need of articles, and you seem to be pasionate about what your writing about
  2. when i had my old crt, the screen would blur everytime before my cell would ring if it was in 5 feet of it, real wierd i could always answer the phone right as the first ring started though, freaked some people out
  3. this is what happens when several people have time on their hands and work as a team
  4. well you know vi is 6 in roman numerals and 6 is the first perfect number, therfore vi is perfect. whats all this fus about emacs anyway, it seems like a great os, only problem is it lacks a good editor
  5. I <3 fedora, but to be honest with myself, if your new to the linux world and dont want to mess with bleeding edge packages, and want an easier setup then go with ubuntu, its a great learning distro
  6. if you havent completely decided against the linux route, any distro + mythtv is awesome. lircd will work if you have a remote, google says that hercules cards work fine with v4lin, and myth has such great functionality its awesome, obviouly tv, web browser, weather, use mplayer to play any media you have on your computer, use with multiple tuners if you get another one, and much more. of all the media setups ive had, id say i love my linux+myth+mysql+lirc the best.
  7. It's pointless eye candy: http://video.google.co.uk/videosearch?q=beryl I would agree, but I have heard a number of people say that it has increased their productivity. I would defionitely say it boosts my productivity, the cube is a fast way to switch desktops while allowing you to see at full size what is on every desktop, and the transparency is great if you have notes open in a window behind a project your working on. plus for some reason the wobbly windows feel more natural now, I i think keep me calmer and more focused(the last one could be my imagination though).
  8. if you want free with decently long term updates I would go with centos, it is a rhel clone without the red hat support, other options would be gentoo debian slack or one of the bsd's, with what you are trying to do, I would go with the more stable distros and shy away with anything bleeding edge
  9. Actually you can start typing and save it as an exe. I showed an example in #hak5 a few weeks ago. how i havent used windows in a couple a years, but i thought .exe were binary files. are you writing the actual hex or binary of the process you wish to to execute, if so thats awesome. or can exe's also be script code for a shell to interpret, I'm honestly not sure, an example of this here would be sweet though
  10. been forever since i used a system with no udev, maybe dmesg would pic up the usb insertion and you could check that? any reason now that you have a bootable system, you cant compile a 2.6 kernel and udev for the system? unless its ancient it should work
  11. if its linux there almost all(at least i havent found any acceptions yet), a frontend for iptables anyway, so if you want to just learn to write your own chains, youl probably save alot of annoyances and overhead
  12. you cant just start typing and save it as exe., an exe is executable code, thus you need to write code in a human readable language such as c, c++ etc. then use a respective compiler, to translate from the human readable code into machine code, which can be executed by your computer.
  13. probably possible, but probably not that fast you may want to jusr copy the iso and use something like this http://www.softpedia.com/get/CD-DVD-Tools/...rol-Panel.shtml
  14. I smell this being bad for ubuntu, who is already riding on the edge of free software, I I've heard there already considering shipping with proprietary wireless and video drivers, not an ubuntu user personally, but i hope for the sake of FOSS this doesnt happen
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