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1 minute ago, Sebkinne said:

Guess we need to update the pineapple aircrack, huh? ?

Yeah, it seems stable. There was some changes done in RC5 though, for example the usage of a "trampoline binary". (Specified under: "Run time location of SIMD-binaries" on the aircrack-ng github).
So i had to make some changes to the OpenWRT Makefile to add "support" for that.
I've actually sent a PR on the "openwrt-packages-community" repo. (Also includes the bessside-ng patch-file). ?

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Hello there, Just got my nano 3 weeks ago and have been trying to get the wps module to work and nothing. Which interface should be picked? Also on my Kali box with Alfa card it find loads of Wps enabled boxes any help or even to explain how to set up properly thanks in advance. Cheers Kev

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Everyone can modify it and create pull requests to Hak5's module GitHub repo.

A problem imo. opinion is that the reaver version on Hak5's repo is very much outdated. 

I'm cross-compiling the latest version of Reaver and keeping them updated as often as I can, but using the newest version requires heavy modifications to the WPS module, due to alot of changes to Reaver. 

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Hey Zylla,

Looking back on the thread that is some great work. I am new to the Tetra and just getting dirty. To install the package above, do I SSH/SCP to the unit and install like a regular debian package? Do I just install just using your ipk file or need to worry about other dependencies?

Thanks for sharing all this great work

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Hey guys, got this module installed, dependencies installed etc. 

Mon1 into monitor mode, hit scan and it just gets stuck on collecting results. I've got a WPS network setup as a test and can confirm that Recon see's it as WPS enabled. 

Also seems Pine AP stops working after installing the module and dependencies. I've stopped wlan1mon in the WPS Module but it seems it either doesn't stop it or keeps starting it and pine AP will no longer start (because obviously wlan1 is spoken for as wps' wlan1mon) 😕 Factory reset here I come!

Known issue? I'm on V2.6.2

Removing the WPS module did not fix Pine AP. Will submit a bug on the github if I can find it!

Removing the WPS module and fully powering down the device seems to have got pine ap working again, a reboot did not for some reason..

Followup, nope rebooting didn't fix it, oddly enough recon works through C2 Cloud but NOT through the pineapple interface itself. Says starting daemon and then stops instantly. Factory reset time!


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