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  1. Careful with the thread necromancy there buddy. There's definitely a EvilPortal module for the tetra, as for DNS spoofing check out this rather old video of our very own DK talking you through it: Obviously this is for the mk5 I think but the process should be the same.
  2. Aye I copied the original to a . backup and then just made a new one with just the bit I needed. Glad it got you up and running!
  3. Try this buddy, sorry for copying and pasting my post from the discord but I'm out at the minute lol: for anybody else who's got a shitty chinese clone thing that first shows up as a cdrom with device id "0e8d:2870" Mediatek Inc. simply opkg update, opkg install usb-modeswitch and then edit your \etc\usb-mode.json to lookie like dis: { "messages" : [ "5553424312345678000000000000061b004600000000000000000000000000", ], "devices" : { "0e8d:2870": { "*": { "t_vendor": 3725, "t_product": [ 10352 ], "mode": "StandardEject", "msg": [ 0 ] } }, } }
  4. It's not the same issue as the OP. Basically what the OP is saying is that defender is blocking the ducky / bashbunny by hardware ID, before it even gets chance to do it's thing. Same will probably be likely of the digispark and other knock-offs, MS will gather a list of hardware IDs and block em. The trick is to change the hardware IDs to something like a real keyboard etc. Also watch out for thread necro lol
  5. For point 3 are those clients on 5ghz? don't forget the pineapple is 2.4 only.
  6. If you really want a module make the frigging thing. Foxtrot has made some awesome documentation on building modules for the Pineapple stop being lazy and waiting for folks to do things for you. Modules have always and will always be primarily community driven. If the entire community is sat here banging their knife and forks on the table demanding food then guess what? You're all going hungry till one of you pulls your finger out and gets in the kitchen.. https://docs.hak5.org/hc/en-us/articles/360052162434-WiFi-Pineapple-Mark-VII-Modules Adde88 has already packaged up some awesome tools for the MkVII here: https://github.com/adde88/openwrt-useful-tools wget / install em and have at it. If you genuinely need somebody else to make these tools work for you in a push button web gui then I've got news for you.. You're in the wrong scene.
  7. Have you got the kismet case on? Don't forget it's sat beneath a piece of greeny yellow Perspex, it'll look more green than blue if memory serves me.
  8. Have at it hoss, just installed mine. Be sure to read the release notes on the post Darren has done for any issues you might experience during upgrade.
  9. I don't live in the US, I live in the UK, I have to pay almost double for all of my Hak5 products thanks to shipping and import duty. And yes, you're entitled to give feedback and encouraged to do so, the devs depend on feedback. But constructive feedback, I don't know if it's a language thing or not but the way you write your posts doesn't seem constructive it seems like a complaint and oozes entitlement. They sound very negative. Also the reason the Mk7 comes before C2 is because any issues with the Mk7 firmware need to be ironed out BEFORE C2 compatibility can be fixed and tested. What would be the point of the devs releasing the Mk7 and C2, finding out there's a bug in Pine AP that prevents recon working only to then have to fix that bug in two places, Mk7 firmware and C2. To me, from a development perspective it makes way more sense to release the Mk7, get feedback, fix any day one issues THEN make sure C2 still does everything it needs to do. This is the same way it happened with the other launches of Hak5 products such as the Croc and the Signal Owl. Compatibility was added AFTER the product launched. C2 is a great product that enhances the use of the Hak5 line up but you're acting like you can't use your Mk7 without it and that's nonsense. You can put your Pineapple anywhere within your network and access the WebUI remotely already. Try not to sound so negative and please stop being so presumptuous about the development cycle over at Hak5. They're a small team of guys 'n' gals who are striving to make tools that professionals and amateurs alike can use. That's no easy feat and something that they have my respect for doing. You have to understand that community members like myself are tired, absolutely tired of seeing entitled users who buy a product jump to the forums complaining when they're having issues especially when 90% of the time it's because they don't understand what they're doing or how it's supposed to work. The only mistake I can see that Hak5 have possibly made is giving a date that was maybe a bit too ambitious. But again, shit happens, life goes on we move on. They owe us nothing and all we can ask is that they do their best which I assure you they're doing.
  10. Wait you've got a C2 license that isn't the free community edition? The mk7 works exactly as it said it would minus a few launch bugs which are being addressed with the beta releases that are coming hard and fast from the pineapple dev. C2 was clearly mentioned as having support AT A LATER DATE (no specific date promised or guaranteed) and I don't know about you but I'd rather have a working C2 than a rushed and broken C2.. but maybe that's just me. Either way expressing your distain for a product and it's creators won't get you anything quicker, simmer down Karen and wait patiently for the nice guys over at Hak5 to test and release their stuff. "1) Development and test of MK7 and ALL modules." Additionally Modules are community developed, there's no support inferred or guaranteed for modules at all. If you want a working module build it yourself. Surely if you're as invested in the Hak5 product line up as your entitlement suggests you'd know this by now.. surely...
  11. Dude, C2 is an addon / companion to the Hak5 line up, it's not a critical component to utilizing any of them. Be patient with the guys, seriously users are so entitled these days. You do realise that Hak5 isn't some giant software house with a million devs on staff right?
  12. I'll try and get my board pics up tomorrow, they're too big for the forum so I'll slap em on imgur or something. My board looks very different to the SD/3G versions but we can certainly compare findings!
  13. That'd be awesome, I've taken my apart and the PCB appears very different If you can possibly identify which chip the SD is connected to and what it says on top I can confirm if I have the same in mine.
  14. To check the space go to Advanced and it'll show /sd/ in the storage info section (just to the left of where you formatted the sd card) and to get to sd via ssh simply type cd /sd/ Glad you got it sorted!
  15. So what are we saying here? Is Windows Defender blocking the hardware ID's of your duckys? Windows isn't privy to what your ducky is running, all it knows is that it's a keyboard and that keyboard is pressing keys. The only way it could be actively blocking it is if it's blocked by hardware IDs I believe. So you guys wanna do a bit of digging and you'll find that it's quite easy to swap this to prevent AV's from identifying this shiny new HID product as a ducky and think it's just a generic keyboard: Honestly guys, before going off on a tangent about how much you're entitled to some hand holding for buying a product (that requires development from the end user might I add!!) Do a little research.
  16. The only problem with devices like the ones Hak5 sell is that you're expected to know what you're doing with them. They're aimed at professionals, yes some of the payloads and modules don't work but these aren't Hak5's remit, the Pineapple for example you bought the hardware and the firmware i.e. Pine AP & Recon Mode they work perfectly out of the box. Anything else is community developed and it's up to the developers to keep those up to date or it's up to you as a professional who knows what they're doing to get it working. What these products are NOT is plug and play hacking devices. There's no such thing. If there was a device that you could power up and pwn a network with it would be patched by the time it went into production / manufacturing. Hak5 tools are just that - TOOLS, you wouldn't buy a hammer and then get pissed because it didn't build you a house. The criteria is it's hard on the end and you can use it to hit things. 99.9% of Hak5's products do exactly that, yes Darren and the gang will show you some cool demos of payloads but these are only working at the time of the video tutorials etc. if things change in this industry (as they tend to do every minute of every hour of every day!) then they can't be expected to keep on top of that stuff with a one off product fee. They'd have to create a whole ecosystem and have some sort of reoccurring revenue to fund that kind of operation. Think about it logically from a business point of view and you'll see it's just not feasible. Yes some of the products don't always work quite so well with their basic features (See SD card woes and the Pineapple, IMO that should be worked on as a priority until its fixed because it's a product feature that should have been working when the product was released) but they're usually worked on and fixed shortly after release. Their base functionality is what you're buying. How you struggled with C2 cloud I've no idea. It's the easiest thing in the world to setup, execute it with -hostname -https and -db and it's just done, if you had problems I imagine they're due to things like nat loopback and you being local to your C2 server or your linux dist has apache installed by default and its snatched port 80 (so C2 wont start). But Hak5 can't teach you the fundamentals of networking and hosting your own web service etc. that's not their job. TL:DR Payloads and modules are not supported, warrantied or even guaranteed implied or otherwise by Hak5. They're third party bits of code and you can't get mad at Hak5 over them.
  17. So using duckyscript just have it press ctrl alt del a few times, then type the password and press enter.
  18. That means that it might have formatted your SD card but it hasn't managed to get it mounted. If it doesn't mount on a reboot after formatting check your logs and you'll likely see some bad block messages. Please check and let me know. You'll see your sd card as a mount point with free space showing via the Web GUI in advanced. Logs will look something like this: [ 17.148897] print_req_error: I/O error, dev sda, sector 15522896[ 17.154956] scsi 0:0:0:0: [sda] UNKNOWN(0x2003) Result: hostbyte=0x01 driverbyte=0x00[ 17.162647] scsi 0:0:0:0: [sda] CDB: opcode=0x28 28 00 00 ec dc 78 00 00 88 00[ 17.169892] print_req_error: I/O error, dev sda, sector 15522936
  19. Now you see this is the really weird issue I had, on 2.6.2 you don't see two sd cards, I also thought /sd/ was something internal but on 2.6.2 it's not. To be fair C2 cloud and 2.7.0 are causing really weird behaviour for me so I'm going back to 2.6.2 - I would probably advise you do the same and try again, i'm 100% sure you'll have more success, if you don't I'd say try another SD (but don't forget to fully format it in SD Formatter again) Edit: If you need help downgrading let me know.
  20. When you start recon on C2 is pineap actually starting on the pineapple? Does recon work ok on the pineapple itself etc? The only time I've had the issue you're describing here is when the SD hasn't mounted on boot (as my recon path is my sd card)
  21. I haven't been able to find the source anywhere, I'm planning on using procmon on windows to dig deeper but I can't find anything published. replying mainly to sub to your topic.
  22. Try what I did, FULLY wipe the SD card, in windows I used SD Formatter Tool. once it's done a full format then format it in the pineapple and leave it once you've hit format, I think 2.6.2 will say formatting and then let you know when it's done, I don't believe 2.7.0 did this for me.
  23. Hey guys, got this module installed, dependencies installed etc. Mon1 into monitor mode, hit scan and it just gets stuck on collecting results. I've got a WPS network setup as a test and can confirm that Recon see's it as WPS enabled. Also seems Pine AP stops working after installing the module and dependencies. I've stopped wlan1mon in the WPS Module but it seems it either doesn't stop it or keeps starting it and pine AP will no longer start (because obviously wlan1 is spoken for as wps' wlan1mon) 😕 Factory reset here I come! Known issue? I'm on V2.6.2 Removing the WPS module did not fix Pine AP. Will submit a bug on the github if I can find it! Removing the WPS module and fully powering down the device seems to have got pine ap working again, a reboot did not for some reason.. Followup, nope rebooting didn't fix it, oddly enough recon works through C2 Cloud but NOT through the pineapple interface itself. Says starting daemon and then stops instantly. Factory reset time!
  24. Haha, if you're having issues try what I did, downgrade to 2.6.2 (I think? Might be 2.6.5. The version before 2.7.0) then fully format your card (I used SD formatter for windows and did a FULL wipe) Then boot up the nano without the card in, inset it, wait a few minutes for it to show up in the advanced bit. Once it's in there format it and wait don't navigate away etc. Works fine now, some first boots it doesn't show and I have to reboot but once it's mounted and working it's fine.
  25. All very logical matey and kind of what I was thinking so glad someone else thinks the same. Means I'm not way off! I'm going to crack mine open and see what it's like inside. I've had it since release so any warranty will be long gone now I think. Plus worst case I kill it and buy the version I want 😂 Re emailing hak5 support. Not entirely sure how fruitful that would be. I emailed about a week ago re SD card problems on the nano 2.7.0 and haven't heard back yet 😕 Plus it's always fun to hack hardware when you have no idea where you're starting 😄 will keep you and anybody else curious posted here once I get it open.
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