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[Bug] Inability to scroll in infusion windows


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I have seen this mentioned in a few posts but have never seen any resolution. This issue is at least partially display size dependent (i.e. not an issue for folks using large displays). In several infusion detail windows (deauth & Site Survey for example) you cannot see all of the options on the Configuration tab. The Site Survey Infusion can't scroll when there are a lot of SSIDs in the environment (you can scroll on the main menu tile but not in the details page). There is no ability to scroll town to see the truncated sections. In the Deauth Infusion this prevents you from using the web interface to configure the Infusions behavior.

Besides the "buy a bigger display" peanut gallery response is there a way to enable scrolling within the configuration details window of an opened Infusion?

Sample screenshot:


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Yeah it's the same issue for me as well on my GS4. I think the solution is to bring about a standard in infusion building where the size of all elements within the tiles are set to a percentage rather than fixed pixels and the divs all have overflow set to auto.

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only had this a few days and have had to hardware reset a few times due to complete bed wetting of the web interface. minimized infusions would not re open they'd just disappear when clicked on. md5 errors in some of the stock pages of bob the builder. no scrollbars ,locked or broken scroll bars,

much bugs to squash

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I tried on my S4, seems to be mobile view problem

tired to request desktop page..

still gives me the one tile view..

cannot scroll, cannot enlarge..

it really is a pile of poop.

is there a way to get to the desktop view?

useragent? the url coded differently?

It appears to be handled by CSS so what you are seeing is the desktop view. If you minimize the dimensions of your browser you will see the exact same view you see on a mobile device. I have no problems on my GS4. What infusions don't allow you to scroll?

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