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Hey Guys


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Hey guys,

I've been watching the show for a while now and i've enjoyed each episode. After watching, I felt the necessity to start contributing to the great community you guys have going, so I've joined the forums. :roll:

A little about myself... Security administrator for a hosting company (unix) while in school working on my electrical engineering masters and a l33t h4axr :wink: ha....

Hope to be meeting some of you guys and giving my two cents from here and there.

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hmm, only 1 post count and a hello message

are you sure you're not a bot

i mean, maybe they got so good that now they can make context specific spam, which knows this is an IPTV show relating to computers and haking.

maybe they're so good that they're going to be able to have completely active members that contribute hundreds of posts to the community and yet are just automated spam bots.

OMG, we're going to need a secret code or internet handshake to tell each other apart. Then they're going to figure that out



wow, need to lay off the crazy sci-fi

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