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Hak5 to star in the SCI-FI graphic novel!!!


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The name of the story is

Battlestar Galactica Vs. Skynet

I'm looking for some extra artist that can help out and finish the book. If you can draw and ink or color with photoshop or letter or good with websites. Email me at zoomtechtv@yahoo.com

Other boards to check out about this graphic novel





www.twit.tv you need to be member first to get in look in the off topic part of their message board.

Please help digg this!!!














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Hak5 is in the story this story is 120 pages. I have three artists working on it. It's going to take time for the book to be done.

It takes an artist one day to draw one page. I'm trying to get more artists to help out.

There are a lot of people in this book. People from Twit, revision3, G4tv.

Hak5 will be working with Steve Gibson. That's all I can say for now.

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I digg it, as long as Wess & I are kick ass hacker/mcguyver types and not terminators ;)

Alli has a lot of talent when it comes to coloring in photoshop, I'll put her in contact with you.

Cant wait to see cells of Hak5 :)

You and Wess will be on Battlestar Galactica working with Colonel Steve Gibson.

Would love to work with Alli.

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Can the Thunder Kitten Assault Force get a look in? Even if it is a sucide mission.

I can envision it now.

I'm fairly skilled at drawing, I'll sketch something up tommorow during study block or something.

Please email also at zoomtechtv@yahoo.com RobotChild

Sure thing.

I didn't quite finish yet.

So far VaKo is a bad-ass half-robot.

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What no price a buck higher in Canadian? Come on, it's gotta be $2.95 US / $3.95 CAD. I mean, Andy and Amber are Canadians, you've gotta.

Looking good, can't wait to see Wess & I kicking some ass.

I'll tell Landon to put the Canadian price on the comic. It slipped my mind.

Does 3.34 sound right for the Canadia price? I just checked it on http://www.xe.com/ucc/convert.cgi

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