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On Your Motherboard, You Have...  

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Which is better to have on a motherboard? AGP or PCI EXPRESS. Beacuse my old motherboard and cpu died and I'm getting a new combo. I have a pci express graphics card 64mb ati radeon and a 128mb regular pci ati radeon. I dont know if i should just go for the agp motherboard. I could just get an agp graphics card if necessary...

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The only reason I'd go pciX right now is that I don't think they are making as many AGP cards anymore, if at all, so it would be better to just get up to the date for the moment and just idle there for a while. We never really did tax the AGP 8x pipelines before pciX came out.

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The reason I went with AGP when I replaced my MoBo and CPU was because I still had an AGP card that was working just fine for me. I'm no gamer, so I don't need that extra performance PCIe is supposed to bring, and going this route let me save a few bucks.

Oh and Wess, don't confuse PCIe with PCI-X. They're wildly different.

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I have an AGP slot and was going to build a new PC with PCI-E when Vista & DirectX 10 etc comes out, however recent news suggests that PCI-E may soon be obsolete as PCI-E 2.0 looms on the horizon:


I know there's always something new coming up, but some of they articles say it may be released by the end of the year, meaning PCI-E 2.0 graphics cards could be out Q1/Q2 next year...maybe. It's impossible to say when the best time for upgrading is :(

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