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I wouldn't worry about it. Seems he's been listing USB hacks for a while, and simply ran across the switchblade and hacksaw. Both contain links back, and while the Switchblade one is a bit light on crediting Hak.5 the Hacksaw one clearly states it was developed by Hak.5 & Co.

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I've already contacted him about it, and he sent me back this long reply, stating for people just doing black hat script kiddy stuff he doesnt feel like they should be credited, plus the Hak.5 projects are based off others works, and since the wiki only shows the nicknames of people who worked on it, and being so many people... blah blah blah, that he didn't put them up. Still didn't explain why he didnt do that for the other, non hak.5 related ones, plus his excuses were kinda lame. I mean, just say "these people are working on it, their website is here" or something. The other funny part was in the second half of the email, he starts kinda ripping into me, asking "What was my stake in it? why do I care?" and if I was seeking attention. Oh well.

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Yeah I found this website in our referrer logs about a week ago.

First off, the information wants to be free. ;)

Second, anything on our wiki is licensed under a Creative Commons, Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 license. That means the contents can be used for noncommercial purposes as long as attribution (credit) is given, and that any derivitives are licensed under an identical license.

Seeing as the copy (text) was not ripped word for word it's not a violation of the license. For example:

The USB Hacksaw uses a modified version of USB Dumper that once installed on a system will run a process in the background whenever that computer starts, waiting for a USB thumb drive to be installed.
This hack is based on a modified version of USBDumper. Once installed on a targert machine it will stay resident and wait for a USB flash drive to be inserted.

Honestly he's a better wordsmith than me.

And the site has only been around for this month, and interestingly is hosted at dreamhost. This doesn't surprise me, nor upset me. You see, the good borrow (modified version of USBDumper anyone?) while the great steal. Remember that application "Pandomax" that was a complete rip of the Pandora's Jar app still in development over in the Projects board? It even came with a Hak5 skin!

So really I guess it doesn't matter. The goal of showing these types of hacks on the show is to bring awareness to these attack vectors and if this site helps that cause all the better. And the little links back always help in ye olde google index and hits/viewers, etc.

PS: Dudeski, if you're reading, I'm digging the logo.

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Um yeah, usbhacks.com is my site. No it was not my intention to take credit for the project...not quite sure where the hell that came from (as I mentioned to Keith in his love letter to me). The sites goal is to just list various USB hacking tools out there, with a stronger focus on awareness and mitigation than anything else. It was originally started just for me and some internal folks I work with and friends, but someone else got a hold of it and posted it on some hacker sites and I got flooded with traffic, which is cool. I mention Hak5 on the site and will probably add a link when I get around to it, you guys have done some great work bringing the various tools together.

I don't mean to be an ass, but getting emails from folks like Keith who actually has not contributed anything to the project with accusations like I stole the whole project is a a bit annoying. Yes I sent back a long reply explaining things a bit, but I see it didn't do much good, some people you can't talk to, they just need to get laid.

Akuma Kigen :twisted:

Thanks glad you like the logo. Keep up the good work

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k but u also have some of the versions on dl

could u at least ad a linkback to teh respective wiki of those ?

and maby even the creaters of that one ?

do u keep em up to date ? cos some of em do get adjusted ....

u mentioned

...The application also finds browser history (for both IE and Firefox) including autofill information..

but the firefox part only counts for DLSS's (me) , RenegadeTech's and Spektormax's Payload. and im not completely sure if those are in ure dl part .

and its not mentioned that ure dl able version wont get these ...

why aint mine in the dl's :(

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/me wonders who Keith is

When i first saw USBHacks.com there was no links to the creators and the files were hosted on your site.. so it looked to me as if you were trying to take credit... upon further review I don't think that was your intention however I do think you should add credit to the creators of each payload and the POC to Hak5 (and to I think MaxDamage who came up with the idea first but I may be wrong about that)

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