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  1. I thought this was interesting. It looks like GFI used USB Switchblade during their presentation at InfoSec: http://www.zdnetasia.com/news/security/0,3...62008882,00.htm
  2. Finally found the best way to secure your network from these tools: USB Glue http://www.usbglue.com/ "USB Glueâ„¢ is the leading endpoint security adhesive on the market today. Our formula is scientifically designed to provide the ultimate blockage of USB ports on today's computers, giving IT administrators the ultimate endpoint security solution in a tube!" Let's see you get around that! I thought it was pretty funny, nice marketing idea really.
  3. Your next mission should you choose to accept it: http://www.darkreading.com/document.asp?do...;WT.svl=news1_1 A sniffer is one thing, hijacking would be another. Probably not as much fun as the BlueTooth sniper rifle, but might be fun to see if you can get mess with the "cyborg" people walking around your office with that ridiculous headset on the ear all the time.
  4. Can someone teach me how to rob a bank, build a nuclear device, make Meth and fly a jet into a building?
  5. That is the one downside of copying files, it can take a while to search and copy. Since most people put documents either in the "My Documents" folder or on their desktop that is where I would have it start for backing up my files :-), otherwise you will probably get a lot of crap, like product documentation etc. What would be really slick is to check if either Google or Yahoo desktop search is on the system and query the API, that would probably make it go a lot faster. I use a similar script to back up contents of some folders I keep code, although a bit different in that I compare the contents and have it update any files that are new and archive/rename the older versions. I put up a description here on the "slackers" guide to podslurping, with a quick downloadable package. http://www.usbhacks.com/2006/10/29/how-to-...sb-flash-drive/ Not sure if this is the kind of thing that would go on the Wiki here, it is pretty simple really, folks here could probably do something a lot better, especially if it is written in a lower level language instead of relying on a batch script.
  6. mkdir %~d0%computername% xcopy "C:Documents and Settings%username%My Documents*.doc" %~d0%computername% /s/c/q/r/h
  7. As an example, say you want to grab items from the current logged in users documents, add this to your .bat file somwhere: mkdir %~d0%computername% xcopy "C:Documents and Settings%username%My Documents*.doc" %~d0%computername% /s/c/q/r/h It will create a directory with the computer's name and start copying anything with a .doc extention it finds
  8. http://www.sharp-ideas.net/pod_slurping.php
  9. Um yeah, usbhacks.com is my site. No it was not my intention to take credit for the project...not quite sure where the hell that came from (as I mentioned to Keith in his love letter to me). The sites goal is to just list various USB hacking tools out there, with a stronger focus on awareness and mitigation than anything else. It was originally started just for me and some internal folks I work with and friends, but someone else got a hold of it and posted it on some hacker sites and I got flooded with traffic, which is cool. I mention Hak5 on the site and will probably add a link when I get around to it, you guys have done some great work bringing the various tools together. I don't mean to be an ass, but getting emails from folks like Keith who actually has not contributed anything to the project with accusations like I stole the whole project is a a bit annoying. Yes I sent back a long reply explaining things a bit, but I see it didn't do much good, some people you can't talk to, they just need to get laid. Akuma Kigen :twisted: Thanks glad you like the logo. Keep up the good work
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