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  1. Orange Box is a great cheap go. Halo 3 is almost a necessity (seriously, it isn't the end all of games, but if you want to play online, most others don't have as many players). Crackdown can be had cheap and is a fun romp. GTA4 is good too. The Play and Charge pack is good too.
  2. Cab, yes, that place is high, but, there is a reason why people can demand high prices from these keyboards. They're fucking built like tanks. If you can have something last for decades, you're willing to pay a bit more for it, since you're still saving in the long run.
  3. Typically, stuff like that only works on a per app basis. You have to know what they'd be using to view it. Also, when it comes to merging files, and having it still be functional, you cant just mash any two files together. Some files have their info at the end, some at the beginning. Trick is getting the right combo for what you're doing.
  4. Vicki, they've been selling them for years.
  5. JJ, free manual shirts would be epic, but you're the nonsensical type, plus should be show related. I kid, I kid...
  6. As a fellow Model M user, I've tracked down places with parts. Here's a place with keys for sale - http://www.clickykeyboards.com/index.cfm/f...parentcat/10191 Not cheap, but hey. You'd likely be better off buying another off ebay or something. Some go cheap if they have issues.
  7. Razor, but those don't meet the requirements of using a thumbdrive as the storage media. As far as using thumbdrives, I've only seen car stereos and adapters like Darren mentioned use them.
  8. Darren, you don't want to get in to this pissing match.
  9. Still, if shit starts popping up in languages other than your own, it is NEVER wise to keep running it. Even if just for the reason, it would be difficult to use. Use your noggin.
  10. That is because God has chosen to ignore you. He's upset, Darren, very upset.
  11. God is #1. Even Darren knows and respects that.
  12. Also you have to remember, IRC has been around for a long long time (20 years now), so, at the time, there wasn't much else. There were no P2P networks. Also, you have to remember that it wasn't until people started switching to Windows that they were able to run more than one program at a time, and so if you could kill two birds with one stone, why not?
  13. Downloads.com is owned by Cnet, and redirects to Download.com Still, I'd say, most likely case is that the OP didn't have the address right (since he is so incoherent, and didn't have the addy right in the post), and pointed them to the wrong place, or that they misunderstood him and went to the wrong place.
  14. 10x is closer to the mark, and even still it isn't always the case. There is stuff from the early '90s that still doesn't emulate well on current machines.
  15. Why really specify a language, let the people do the task in what ever they feel most comfortable with. As far as lack of assistance, well, guess there is really no wondering why, Darren.
  16. Yeah, go get your own girl. I'm sure you can snag a scene whore.
  17. Well, the tilt sensing and button presses would be able to be made available, since the wiimote uses bluetooth. Like preivously mentioned the pointing abilities would be non existant unless someone did a shitload of work to get the sensor bar to work (IE, software to control it, hardware adapters, etc) As far as what could it be used for? NES games, racing games, Marble Madness, etc.
  18. I've already contacted him about it, and he sent me back this long reply, stating for people just doing black hat script kiddy stuff he doesnt feel like they should be credited, plus the Hak.5 projects are based off others works, and since the wiki only shows the nicknames of people who worked on it, and being so many people... blah blah blah, that he didn't put them up. Still didn't explain why he didnt do that for the other, non hak.5 related ones, plus his excuses were kinda lame. I mean, just say "these people are working on it, their website is here" or something. The other funny part was in the second half of the email, he starts kinda ripping into me, asking "What was my stake in it? why do I care?" and if I was seeking attention. Oh well.
  19. phonebooth, 7. the password gets broken into two separate LM hashes, so in order to get the password, you'd effectively have to crack two hashes and put the two pieces together.
  20. Yeah, on the newest revision of the source, the diff file doesn't work, however the code change was minor enough that you can open the diff up in a text editor, and do the changes by hand. If you're wanting to roll your own, you gotta get your hands dirty.
  21. VB is a good newbie language, but has horrible syntax at times, and allows for really sloppy coding. Personally, I would recommend REALbasic over Visual Basic. RB is cross platform, allows for commandline coding, and stresses a bit cleaner code at times. Plus, less major changes that require massive rewrites in code, unlike VB. Really, there are many many forms of BASIC that are good to play with. Gambas is good if you are a Linux user and do simple things. Blitzbasic (or rather, now its successor, Blitzmax) is good for making simple small games. Other languages to start with would be Pascal, Python, and Ruby. If you're wanting to start with a C relative, C# might be the way to go, since general concensus is that it is at times easier than C or C++. Plus with Mono instead of .NET, you get good crossplatform support. I'm with Boristsr though, C and its offshoots are not for newbs.
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