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what to do with an old router?


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assuming you've replaced it, buy another wireless b router, have have fun coding on your laptop making a program to triangulate your position :P

No one would ever be THAT bored.

why not? i'm planning on doing it at my place very soon, cos i think it'd be kinda cool to see what accuracy you could get. the only reason i haven't done it yet is money and time. should be able to do it around december though.
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After I posted that I thought for a second. "Hey, it would be cool to triangulate a laptop, maybe someone could do that to unsuspecting users in a park or something."

Cool, I'd like to see how you do it and what results you get.

i'll keep that in mind and make sure to document the process and post it here ;)

i had possible security ideas for it too such as not allowing clients onto the network unless they were running this app so i could track anyone on the network (eg. outsiders). possible extensions to the idea such as getting a router with an open firmware and track people with or without the client

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Well, if I could already use my current router with it, then it would be feasible. How do you tell the distance a device is from the router? What did you mean by a honeypot?

Ok, I'll say this before everyone one else goes nuts. When asking "what is <insert someting here>" or "How do I <insert something here>", google it or check on wikipedia. There is a wealth of information at your finger tips and simply taking a moment to search for it yourself will provide much faster results than waiting for one of us to respond to your posts.

Honeypot definition, straight from Wikipedia

And in terms of determining how far a device is away from a central spot, gps would have to be used. Well, I can think of another way but that's way too much math. I'm sure someone else has an idea or two as well.

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i know someone who found out the "proper" strength of a wireless network...by calculating the mean packets...quite clever...i dont think the same could be done with one router but with three, you could get a rough estimate because a router can only send packets a certain distance...if you hacked the firmware to also find the "real" strength, im sure it could be done, but only, as i said, to a certain point of accuracy...


theres the guys post who made it...i think its truly awesome...

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