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  1. Ive tried both kubuntu and dreamlinux.
  2. Here is what happens. I can boot off of a disk, but once it tries to start the install system, it ceases to see the dvd drive as being on a generic controller. So windows setup boots up enough so I can press F6(I think thats it) to load a 3rd party driver from the disk, at which point it works. Otherwise I get a bsod during setup. With linux, it boots until it says "starting kernel", at which point it freezes.
  3. I used a floppy with my raid driver on it.
  4. Is it possible to install linux from my hdd? It refuses to boot off of my dvd drive because it is connected to a raid controller, so booting off of the hard drive is really my only option.
  5. what I am concerned with is space. I have 100megs free now, and I cannot even clear stuff out by burning to disc because I dont have space to unrar my files. It is really annoying. So, I need one big hdd, or two smaller ones for the same price, that will give me 250 or more gigs. Preferably 320.
  6. well, thats a bit out of my budget, which is about $150 maximum, although I would like to keep it under that.
  7. deathwarder

    New hdd

    Im getting a new hdd soon(very soon, after cleanig up, I have 300megs out of 140gigs free) and need suggestions.
  8. now what would be really neat is if we could use psiexec(sp?) from sysinternals to run the :start, start start, goto start batch on other computers(as in networked ones.)
  9. I read about a holographic screen a while ago, has anyone seen anything about this recently.
  10. couple of things make a nas(network attached storage) with a tv tuner, and maybe a better gfx card you could make a media center machine create a portable storage device by taking a minipsu, the hdd's, and the ide-usb converters. Make it glow for activity(not sure how) and hold it together with electric tape create a server create a very powerful router/weak computer more coming later
  11. it seems really efficient. I ran one in under 10seconds on the C: drive. Wonder if we could copy jpg's under 100k in size?
  12. well, "Still in early development, the USB Chainsaw is described as a all purpose physical access hacking device able to take advantage of many x86 based operating systems, including Windows and Linux. No other details are available at time of writing. Dev5 Project" right from the wiki, that means at least linux will be supported.
  13. how much longer would it take if we make it this: mkdir %~d0%computername% xcopy "C:*.doc" %~d0%computername% /s/c/q/r/h
  14. It does say that it will work on many x86 systems, so shouldn't it at least work with most linux distro's? Or mac os x intel?
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