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Here's a (very) basic Switchblade prevention concept. It's extremely crude and unbelivably simple but...


Visual Basic 6 Source and compiled .exe to demonstrate simple file locking in the root dir of any drive. This could be expanded to subdirectories too and could be customised to only function if the drive is removable and/or a serial number is white/blacklisted.

It could also work on any form of executable file (.exe, .com, .scr, .pif, .bat, .cmd, .bat, etc).

Use with caution, it's probably rather buggy, I've tested it a little but during testing I zero'd out a couple of exe files... this is now fixed and as far as I know it's ok but you know how these things go... :)

How to use: Run the program, point to the drive containing the executable(s) to prevent running and click lock. Try running the exe file, Windows should stop you from doing so. Click Unlock and quit the program to unlock.

Again, it ONLY works on files in the root dir atm so files in directories WILL NOT BE LOCKED.

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In wondows, arn't you able to turn off auto play?

Ye, but it's difficult.

Me: Turn off the autorun

Windows: Are you sure?

Me: Yes

Windows: Are you sure that you are sure?


Windows: Okay

Me: Thank you

Windows: I'm gonna turn it back on in 5 minutes, okay?

Me: #$^&@&@

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I rather think that the key to preventing this has been found really. The sole concept relies on the ability of the USB switchblade to be auto-run, else no-one's playing ball. So a simple utility to turn off auto-play will work wonders, and be very simple in concept. However, as the above has pretty much been stated already, I'm wondering if there's a counter-counter measure to this? If it can't be auto-run is there some other way of operation? For example, forcing the system to auto-play? I am interested myself as I'm not very knowledgeable on this front.

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