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I need to build an antenna (ok i lied, i dont need to do it, but i want to)

How would i go about doing this, google found too much crap while im sure you guys have a better idea

edit: it needs to be powerful, and preferably easy to build. I want a long distance of viewable networks, trying to get my friends house from me 200-400m or so im hopeless with distances

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Here's my fav.


Built one using my fam's old DSS dish and I was impressed with how far away I was picking up ap's. One of these with a orinoco gold and you're doing well.

Of course you could by one of these http://www.hyperlinktech.com/web/copyright...hg5808p_500.jpg but why buy when you can build?

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here ry this one out, its a cantenna so its works on line of sight, but still rather cheap and nasty to make ^^ http://www.turnpoint.net/wireless/cantennahowto.html

I found something ages ago on a cantena site, it took an old onstar sat dish and made it in to an antena, i allways thought it would be fun to do.

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3 years ago i start it a social WiFi free internet acces network.

In this social WiFi free internet acces network we use standard WiFi hardware (accespoints en clients) that I hardware hack to fit the need.

All the wifi antennes in this social WiFi free internet acces network are homemade, for the longer (uplink) range's we use prime focus sat: dish

For all the other connection we use (homemade) Biquad antennes.

All the WiFi hardware (accespoints en clients) connections to the WiFi antennes are made as short as posible and are mount it outside the DC-power for the WiFi hardware (accespoints en clients) is provide't by use of (homemade) Power Over Ethernet.

Here are some picture's for some more details of the setup i use.

This is the hardware hack I use to mount the wifihardware outside. (sorry the words on the foto's are in Dutch)




This is me with my homemade prime focus Wifi dish (the dish is 6 foot 8 and iám 6 foot 9)


This homemade prime focus Wifi dish is used for a realy long range uplink (8 KM and up) the gain of this antenne is +/- 30Dbi

This is a Wifi dish made from a 60cm prime focus sat: dish


This 60cm prime focus sat: dish is used for long range uplinks (between the 1 KM and 6 KM) the gain of this antenne is +/- 24 Dbi

The cantenna's i use for all my WiFi dish's are made like in this picture


For a omni-antenne I use a homemade 2x16slot's waveguide


For all the other not so for connection the users of the social WiFi free internet acces network make use of the WiFi biquad antenna


The gain of a needly made WiFi biquad antenne is +/- 8Dbi

The WiFi biquads are made like in this URL http://www.engadget.com/2005/11/15/how-to-...d-dish-antenna/

Remember alway's to use short coaxcable connections between your Wifi hardware and your Wifi antenne, and never use coax that is used for the 27Mc radio band use coax kabel that wil give low loss ad 2,4 Gigahertz.

When and if your not useing PMCIA and of USB wifi hardware and if you have to cross over a long range between your computer/laptop and your wifi antenna mounting place its better to mount your Wifi-hardware as close to your Wifi antenna mounting point and connect this near by the WiFi antenna mounted Wifi-hardware to your computer/laptop with Cat-5 cable.

Over this Cat-5 cable you can also feed your WiFi hardware its DC power by Power Over Ethernet.



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200-400m of wireless... it's not looking so good.

200-400m (with a line of site) is a distance that can be dan easly with biquad antenna's on both side's

I even made WiFi 2,4 Gigahertz inks (with line of site) that are over 1,5 Km with (homemade) biquad antenna's

(for this 1,5Km links the WiFi (11mbit) hardware (linksys WAP 11 the 2.6 versions one as AP and the other one as client) has bin put as closely to the biquad antenna as possible and then the hole wifi contraptions are mounted outsite and get there 5volt DC power by homemade PowerOver Ethernet (see foto below)).


So don't say that 200-400 meters (with line of site) can't be done.



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I didn't say that it can't be done, I just said that it's not looking so good.

Oke point taken, but why do you say that?

200 up to 700m (with L.O.S) is no problem what so ever for WiFi connection setups



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