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Editing Cam

Darren Kitchen

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/me thinks he should play the hak5 drinking game while editing. i watch the episode about 50 times before it heads out the door, or at least it feels that way. gah. sleep. what. phearies? thats not even how you spell phearies??

Just take a break when u start seeing dead people.

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make sure you dont have the dreaded NEWSPAPER EATING WOMBATS OF KILLAMAHOII

You know, a shotgun will easily remedy that problem.

Why not a few remote/proximity mines?

Those could get messy. I mean, you could accidently take out something important with those

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:( I get off the tubes for one day to take care of work and now there's an Internet meme that I don't get. Someone linky me the wombat happyness.

zomg ponies

Its just something I was ranting about in the forums or on IRC a while back. It comes from an old scifi show called Babylon 5, from back in the mid 90's. Loved that show so much.

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