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Merry Xmas Hak5 & Community :)


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I actually got myself:

1. 2TB External HDD

2. 2x Gbit Media Converter

3. 2x SFP Patch lead fibre cables

4. 2x Gbit SFP Transceivers

5. 1x 1080P Webcam

6. x1 500ml water coolant for my computer.

And that's about it.

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I got some stuff from tokidoki.it (purses, tshirts, and such) and lots of stuff for my xbox 360 (extra controller, messaging set, rock band 3, dj hero 1 & 2, dead rising 2, etc)

I gave my brother a new EEE pc. He's going into the airforce and needed a new computer to take with him. I think that was the highlight of yesterday :)

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I didn't get anything tech related

... ditto ... I got a pile of &@%£ ... i get the feeling my parents didnt try at all

next year im focusing on me my son and no one else

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Guest Deleted_Account

Hope everyone's Christmas was good! What I got:

New netbook (Acer Emachine!!)


Gift Cards (Starbuck's Tim Horton's, PSN Store, iTunes Store.)

16 GB Flash Drive

Movies :D

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