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Backtrack 5

The Sorrow

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Not to be funny but you know it will more than likely just be built on a newer build of Ubuntu, with an updated KDE, tools (the ones that have been updated) and drivers. There is nothing stopping you from just putting together the tools, drivers and wm, yourselves.

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I hope this new release of backtrack 5 addresses the compatibility issues that it has with the Alfa AWUS036NH wireless adapter.

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Remote Exploit has released a road-map that plans on the development and release of Backtrack 5, the next in line of the famous pentesting OS by February 2011. Here's a link

I think you mean BackTrack-Linux (and Offensive Security), not Remote Exploit. The Remote Exploit team is no longer part of the Back Track development. They went their separate ways a while ago and Back Track split to its own entity now, with its own site and forums.

Also, while Back Track is debian based, it is highly modified and not exactly uBuntu. Trying to use uBuntu and adding the tools from the Back Track repository itslf will more than likely break your install, since they are customized for the BackTrack kernel. That doesnt mean you can't get the tools from the authors sites, but you will have to compile everything on your own and do the installs. Most stuff within BackTrack is written and customized for Back Track, and it saves time instead of having to install all the tools, check for dependcies, as well as all the custom shell scripts, wordlists, etc.

Compatibility issues is something they are working on heavily, espcially wireless drivers. For me, I do all the apt-get updates and upgrades, etc, then uninstall their wifi drivers for my card to add my own, since the ones they come with dont work properly with my card. Once I do that, everything works flawlessly, including sound, video, multiple screen resolutions at full color depth, etc. The only thing I have ever had issue with really is their wireless drivers, but if you know what drivers you need and where to get them, its just a matter of uninstalling theirs and adding your own.


R1 will be debuted at Black Hat (although there might be some flying around the internet, make sure you get them from the Back Track site or from the people at Offensive Security to make sure it isnt some backdoored hack) and you can get a copy of it on DVD from the Offenive Security Team's table if you go to the conference.

If you do go to Black Hat or Defcon, take some pics of the banners for Social-Engineer.org, and Offsec, Exploit-DB and SE shirts, stickers, etc. I can't make it to the conferences, but I did all the artwork for their banners, dvd's, flyers, shirts, etc. I've seen some stuff on video from skype and pics today, but nothing high res or very clear, mostly cell phone camera shots and skype video. Have to say, they look pretty awesome from what I've seen, but I'm still itching to see these in clear, stable shots.

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Hello !

i've Updated my BT box yesterday

The BackTrack Development Team has added/upgradeda lot of packages(2.6.34 kernel, AngryIp, Flutebox, and a lot more ...) they will release the RC1 by the end of this month

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