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Iphone 4


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So guys, I got the iPhone 4. Got a sweet deal with Orange, mainly because o2 have destroyed their tariff with things like 20p photo message charges. £52 a month gets me unlimited texts and Internet, and I sweet talked them into giving me unlimited calls too. Orange also insures it too. The handset was £139 for the 32gb and was one of the last handsets in the UK.

Now, about the phone. Boyyyyy is it good. The a4 processor and 512mb ram makes it insanely quick, like woah quick - apps load instantly, multitasking is a breeze and everything just works so fast. The display is georgeous, the camera is great, takes brilliant video which is also great to edit on iMovie. The flash is proper bright, microphone is clear and even the front camera takes great pics.

But I also have a few gripes. The speaker for one, is bloody quiet, even compared to the iPhone 3G, and the signal issues, while avoidable, can still get a bit on the annoying side when you hold it with your left hand. Apple this is such a perfect device, why did you let something like that ruin it?

What do you guys think? Did you get an iPhone 4? If so how?

O2 had queues going for hundreds of people. I pre ordered from orange so i was fine.

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The iPhone 4....what can we say about it?

Well it wont make outgoing calls unless you hold it the "right" way. I mean come on that's just idiotic.

Bar that nothing new or great about it overall that hasn't been on other phones for quite a while.

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The iPhone 4 is an absolutely beautiful bit of design work, nothing android is one even comes close. But Apple lock it down far to much for my liking, so I'm happy with my Nexus One.

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I am definetely buying a Nokia phone.

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im a droid ... how could you buy an iphone & post on here :(

havnt you read any reviews whatsoever ?? 3.3mpx lol

os4 wow ... *shrugs shoulders*

search for 'google io 2010 day 3 full' on you tube an prepare to cry like a girl

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