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Welcome! New members please read this prior to posting.


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By posting this topic I hope for everyone to contribute to what I have below in order for all new members to be welcomed into the forum. Most importantly, without running into some problems after a 'questionable' post.

(These are not rules, these are guidelines)

1. Before posting a question, consult Google for he (she?) knows all. If you still cannot find what you’re looking for then post a new topic asking your question. To get better answers it may help if you write, “I googled it but…â€, “Google couldn’t help so…†You get the idea.

Also, provide as much information as you can when asking for advice. That way the other members can help you faster without having to ask, "What's your set-up, which version are you running", etc.

2. If you’re new to forums in general, then please take a minute to go over this link.

3. Before you post, please use the search function. You might be surprised to find that someone else may have already asked the question you were seeking information for.

4. Be sure to post in the appropriate section. Meaning one section for each thread you make. Basically, do not post the same thing in different sections just to "get more people to see your thread" This will usually result in deleting of posts.

5. Do not post unless you have something related to the topic. Spamming in a topic, and "bumping" a topic are not permitted. Additionally, keep your post coherent. Basically, don’t do this: Example (No offence to nonoezel, but it was a great example).

6. Do not post your IP address asking if you're secure. I know Darren and Wess said to in episode (3?) but that was a joke, not something to be taken literally. If you don't know if you’re secure or not, you’re probably not... Posting your IP in this case is a BAD IDEA.

7. Flaming does occur but please keep it minimal. Also, please keep from posting any defamatory, inaccurate, harassing, hateful, threatening, invading of another's privacy, sexually-oriented, or violates any laws, posts. This is a (somewhat) family place and let’s keep it that way.

8. No Caps Lock. Posting in nothing but caps is not only annoying but also gives an excellent depiction of your maturity and mental capacity. Please refrain from doing so.

9. Winners don’t use Warez. Please do not post links to torrents (or any other file extension) of illegal material or material that would be considered questionable to some of our members (i.e. pornographic images).

10. Please abide by the avatar size of 160x100 pixels, and whatever signature size is appropriate. No huge, flashing signatures please.

11. The Hak5 forums aren't eBay, but if you want to try and hock your widgets here feel free and keep it in 'everything else'. We don't claim responsibility when it comes to transactions between users or anything of that nature.

12. The English language has certain rules, please make at least a vague attempt to follow them.

13. When introducing yourself, please use the Introduce Yourself thread. (Added by Moonlit)

Welcome to Hak.5, make yourself at home and be sure to trust your technolust.

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Looks good, we just need to get the FAQs from the hacks section and mash them into something a bit more formatted, organised and reader friendly.

Suggested Topics:

  • Free replacements for common windows apps.

Whats this linux thing all about then?

So you want to be a "hacker"?

School Networks: yays & nays.

To much? Or not enough? I remeber some amazinly detailed posts in the hacks subforum, just can't find them all.

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Any plans for incorporating those threads, VaKo?

Sorry for the late reply, didn't notice this. I kinda thought that the wiki had that info on it already, I just hadn't gotten around to linking it in yet.

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Forum Etiquette:

These Fantasy Sports Community forums were created with the intention of providing a comfortable place for people with a common interest in Fantasy Sports Games to meet, exchange ideas, share information and enjoy each other's company. These forums are maintained in that spirit and members are expected to honour those goals. The basic guide to etiquette is this: be polite, be mature, keep your language clean and respect the opinions of others (even if you disagree). You are reminded that you agreed to our Terms and Conditions when signing up to the forum - a copy of the T&Cs can be accessed from the forum top menu bar.

The forum administrator will browse the forums from time to time to ensure that the guidelines are being followed. Anyone not following the guidelines may find their posts deleted and risk being banned if the problem continues. If you notice any posts that do not adhere to these guidelines, please notify the forum administrator by internal mail to 'Admin' or email (Webmaster@fiso.co.uk).


Lurk (anonymously observe) before you leap. When you jump into a forum, do not post any comments right away. Try to read and catch up with what is going on and observe what people are saying. After you feel comfortable and think you are ready to add useful information/comments to the conversation, please do so. If you are looking for certain information (e.g. a transfer password) you may find it has already been posted on the relevant forum so have a look through the recent topic titles. Consider using the forums' search facility -located via the top menu bar. At the very least, please read the Latest Topics page before posting - you may find your question/information has already recently been answered/posted.


There are a number of different forums on these message boards - the full list is on the 'forum index' page. Please use the appropriate forum when starting a new topic. Messages relating to a specific fantasy football game should be posted on that game's own forum and if a forum has not been set up for that game then please use the 'Other Fantasy Football Games' Forum. Player or team news (e.g. injury news) should be posted on Forum A(b) and if posting your team line ups (e.g. for rating purposes) for Telegraph Fantasy Football (TFF) please post them on forum B. Forum A(a) is available for general Fantasy Football messages. Football topics not related to Fantasy Football should be posted on the Football Talk forum. Many other major sports have their own Fantasy Forums. We also have a Betting and Gambling forum and a FISO News Forum. There is a Pub forum which is used as a catch-all forum. We suggest you navigate using the Latest Topics page, which will also help you understand the use of the various forums.


Do try and keep to the topic of the thread. If you want to raise a new issue then consider whether a new topic is more appropriate.


Please do not use these forums for personal disputes, heated debates, flame wars etc. You are expected to treat each other with respect in the forums and take any personal disputes to a private mode of discussion off the forums. If you should find that your discussion is becoming too heated or someone is becoming far too passionate about their argument, please take the discussion to private message or email.


Personal topics are threads that, whilst posted in public forum, are intended for a discussion between only a few members. These kinds of topics are frowned on and will be locked/removed as soon as they are discovered. Public posts should be open and inviting to all members. Personal discussions among a select group of users should take place in private message - use your messaging facilities accessed from your community home page.


Sometimes people can write something that you may find offensive. Before launching into a public condemnation though, please consider that the person may not have intended to cause offence. It is very easy to misinterpret a post on forums. There is absolutely no need to resort to insults. Respect others' views even if you disagree with them.


Advertising for the sake of advertising is not allowed. Posts that are off topic will be deleted.


Links to relevant news sources are encouraged. In particular, when posting injury news please provide the source for the information. Links that are off topic are not allowed and will be deleted.


What is a troll? It's a person who posts something which is bound to stir people up and then sits back and watches as dozens of people jump in and start arguing. Sometimes trolls get their friends to join in or post under different names. Generally they will do anything it takes to get attention. If you see a message like this, please try and refrain from replying to it - it may well be deleted anyway.


Power-posting is when board members post 'empty' messages to the board, in order to simply increase their number of posts more quickly. Examples of power-posting are replying to a message with only 'LOL' or 'I agree', but failing to contribute anything further to the discussion. If you reply to a message, make sure you have something to say. Power posting clutters up the forums, clutters up the 'new posts' function, and uses extra bandwidth and server space. While we don't mind people using bandwidth to chat usefully on the board, we do mind people using it just because they want a more impressive 'post counter'. If you're not sure if you're power-posting, take a moment and think it over before you post. If all your post contains is a 'LOL' or an emoticon, it's a power-post. If it adds something to the discussion, it isn't.


Spam is a blight upon the face of the net. Nobody likes it. However, it is hard to avoid. Despite our best efforts, you will very occasionally see spam on the forums. Complaining about spam in public increases noise, but not signal. It may make you feel better, but it doesn't help. Mail Admin who will remove the spam.




Forum etiquette

Certain rules of unspoken etiquette are recommended to be followed when using Internet forums. They include:

    * Read any rules and guidelines established by the community; some may have different regulations on a particular subject. Always be courteous.

    * Before creating a new topic thread, search to see if a similar topic already exists.

    * Follow standard grammar/spelling rules and try not to use slang.

    * If the forum is categorized, post in the correct section.

    * Include as much technical information as possible if posting a technical inquiry, especially in the subject line.

    * Stay on-topic.

    * Avoid double posting and Crossposting.

    * Respond to topics started by others more often than starting topics of your own so that you don't appear self-absorbed.

    * Avoid the use of all CAPITAL LETTERS in posts. (All CAPS is considered "shouting" and causes readability issues.)

    * Do not resurrect a very old topic if you have nothing significant to add. This practice is known as revival or Necroing.

    * Try to refrain from lashing back at a poorly behaving member or participating in a flame war; instead, notify the messageboard's staff of the event.

    * When quoting a previous post, include only the relevant portion of that post. Keep in mind that your audience can likely still see the message you're quoting on the same screen and can read it again if need be.




Shit That is just Common Sense

Don't use images that require a fibre connection to load in a decent time,

Don't use 1024x786 avatars, 160x100 is the limit, if you just read the little disclaimer beside the place where you load the image.

Refrain from using 1337$p34|< unless absolutely necessary for humour or examples

when quoting, remove images, we saw them in the post you are quoting, also try removing things that that are unimportant to YOUR post, esp. if the original post is, oh say, 4000 paragraphs long.

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Along with these general niceties, we just basically ask that you don't blatantly link to warez or post topics asking how to hack your school/friend's MSN/brother's email/etc... Otherwise though as long as you get along with everyone else (though healthy debate is good) then go play... frolic in the meadows of Hak.5's forums!

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