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Camera System For Home


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Hi there guys, needs some tips on setting up a home camera system for my friend. He recently got robbed they took his 50" HDTV, PS3, XBOX 360 some games and jewelry's so his asking for help on setting up a camera system so in case this thing happens again he have some thing to use to to find the robbers. It's pretty sad because I saw him work really hard to buy those stuff. Any help would greatly appreciated also if you have any ideas aside from a home camera system. Thanks in advance.

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The easiest thing to do would probably be to get a DVR system like this one: Q-See

EDIT: I need to read more. Aside from that.. I don't think there is much that can be done, outside of locking all yer stuff in a steel safe.

oh and have good insurance..

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The Insurance only paid around 1k so it's basically a lot of lost for him, any other ideas aside from placing a camera system?

Get better insurance (It is one of those things that you hope that you never have to use, but if you do you want it to cover everything).

First he should have a look at how they got in, and take measurements to stop it happening again.

General things you can do include making sure any gardens/areas around the property are well lit, make sure that the windows all have good locks on them, including any windows not at ground level. Also change your door locks as you don't usually know how many people have had keys to the house over a lock's lifetime.

If you have confined areas (e.g. a back garden) which are out of sight then you can do things like plant defensively (Things like roses look nice and the thorns will make someone regret climbing over walls when then have to get through them).

If you have tools in your shed/garage then make sure they are locked up, you don't want them to break in to your house using your own tools.

Remember the general rule of defence against burglars is that your house doesn't need to be fort Knox, it just has be more of a risk for them than the other houses in your area.

Oh and a final thing to remember is that a lot of the time a house will be robbed again a couple of months after it was robbed the first time, as they know that it will have new things just brought off the insurance.

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Hi jenken,

I found these videos on youtube, on how to set up Spy cameras. It may give you some more info on what kinda of cameras to buy or how to set them up.


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Vitamin d is free for one camera.

Have it installed on my server watching the door. Any movement and it starts recording. Turned off now but was just seeing what it could do.

Seems useful.

I've always thought about a camera setup in the home, however I'd want to go the hole hog. In the UK I think you have to, for legal reasons have CCTV in Operation sign outside the house (I think this is because not being allowed to film in secret. However, I've read this is a misconception and you can film secretly in the UK, without warning signs and it can still be used as evidence. Obviously would need to check with someone in the legal field. Was mentioned over at moneysavingexpert.com forum by someone legal I think.)

Anyway, what I mean by whole hog is I'd want to do what was done in the film Heist. That is, the PC or system recording the video footage would be in it's own steal cage locked. To stop the person robbing the very CCTV system that is recording them. But I think this is why I mentioned above, that if you film it without warning, hidden with no signs. Then they probably won't bother to look for the system to take the taps. I'd also have cameras at eye level instead of high up as most people tend to have hoods or caps on. Covering their face.

I do know of a story, was on Crime Watch UK I believe, of a farmer who'd setup a camera to record his home as I think he'd been robbed. And he caught the fuckers on tape. They turned out to be two Pikie kids. He just used a normal camcorder hidden on a shelf.


Appears the CCTV in operation signs are a choice and aren't required. (For the UK)


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I'd go with better home insurance. While it’s a nice idea to have hidden cameras, there’s nothing to stop them naughty crooks wearing masks. Plus by the time the Police review your evidence and actually get some leads and arrest someone, there’s nothing to say that the goods haven’t been sold on, which leads us back to replacing the items via home insurance.

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