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Ok I have a job delima.. right now im working part time for 18-20/h

Company A (web design) - offered me 18/h plus benefits (making that now part time)

Company B (IT Manager) - just did a phone interview so if im shortlisted actual interview in 2 weeks. (pays very well with full benifits)

Company C (IT Manager) - dont know what it pays but should be decent, Girl i used to work with now works there and refereed my name to manager. so i submitted a resume and prob have a good shot at it.

So company A made me that offer of 18/h and was like you can start Monday but come in friday at 1 for orientation. How ever im sure job would be good but that's a little less then i want to make.. So should I take it cause its there and for sure, or hold off for one of the two potentiality better jobs that pay alot more..

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Take any job that pays, leave when another one offers more money, stay when you find one you are happy with. No employer can argue with leaving for more money, and it doesn't hurt to ask for more money at the one job. All they can do is say no, but you would still have a job. Any job is better than no job.

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This basically comes down to how big your balls are I'm afraid. If you think there is a decent chance of getting the 2nd or 3rd job, then go for it but be aware you may just wind up with nothing. I will say this though, I took a helpdesk job I really didn't want to take, because they offered me the job before I'd even got home from the interview. 18months later and I'm now making twice what I was making, and I'm a fully fledge sysadmin doing the type of work I've always wanted to do. Go with your gut here, but if you bet the farm be prepeard to loose it.

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If you've just got yourself to support and confident in your abilities, take the job you want, look at what the job can lead to as well. I know right now it would seem like it's best to take whatever you can get. And sometimes that's best, but if you feel you can get the job that you actually want to be in. Don't miss it.

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