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  1. For my personal server i just use ghettovcb script. For production i preference goes to veeam. They also got a cloud solution, this way you can keep backups offsite.
  2. +1 pfsense. Running mine for my datacenter server I'm also using fortigate's with a few customers. But the interface is so complex for such simple things you want to do...
  3. Packt Publishing is doing there Ebook Bonanza again. This means you can ebooks and video courses for $5 https://www.packtpub.com/ Regards, GuardMoony
  4. It really depends. People that do some effort in searching the forums first, and read the rules before asking questions. Are always answered on the forums. But those who don't even bother to read rules and search for the problem before asking, yeah .... It happens a lot in the open source community. Same thing like this OP. He started this thread been active a few months but doesn't follow through on it. And its not because of lack of interest or posts.
  5. Yeah just read the same news. Its a nice cpu increase for the same price as a Pi. + its got a real time clock !
  6. Also i would use like a linux or something to look at it. If it got some bad bugs on it chances are high its for windows. Be sure to have some debug tools on the machine and stuff. Maybe try some usb traffic sniffing. http://dan3lmi.blogspot.be/2012/10/sniffing-usb-traffic-different.html
  7. https://turbotax.intuit.com/tax-tools/tax-tips/Jobs-and-Career/What-is-the-Purpose-of-an-IRS-W-9-Form-/INF19259.html As far as i understand it. Its just a form so they can do the tax work correctly. In europe its also required to give your unique vat tax number to costumers. I don't think it can be a problem. Only if they would report the invoices as paid will they didn't pay it. But then there doing tax fraud so....
  8. Yeps, you should always let them sign field reports and delivery papers of goods. Best is also that they need to write: " For delivery of goods on XX/XX/XX and sign ) This way you have legal paperwork for court. Now i don't know if this is a 100% correct. Worst case: if they didn't sign a paper and didn't pay for hardware that is running there. I think there's a legal way to reclaim the hardware ( country depended ) because this is still yours.
  9. If any1 is intrested. i got this mail about some cheap courses like ruby on rails. https://www.udemy.com/learn-ruby-on-rails-building-projects/?couponCode=ruby19 normal price 149$ now for 19$. Some other courses that are on sale: https://www.udemy.com/courses?pmKey=bfriday14
  10. yeah srry was a bit slow over the last part of the text. It would make for a nice and interesting penetration tactic. Esp if you could like put it in between a backbone.
  11. I barely trust users below 10 posts :p And then even ill check there previous posts....
  12. A other option is maybe use a device with dual ethernet? and setting this up to bridge or route trafic between the ports. This way you could intercept the dhcp requests, but still leave the normal network traffic flowing. Also you could leave to device behind and maybe use it as a pivot point. You could even go further and change the script so it would remember devices it penetrated.
  13. GuardMoony


    The world's first MMO strategy sandbox game for programmers
  14. Don't think the attack code is released yet. But guessing it won't take to long. The vultures are already busy ;) https://gist.github.com/hmoore-r7/01a2940edba33f19dec3
  15. Don't forget that switches will always decrease the signal. The better the quality the lesser it will. But like barry said. check for what freq the switches are rated. And i dont know if you will find combined freq like 2.4 and 5GHz
  16. its maybe a bit of a late post: http://www.mini-box.com/DCDC-USB?sc=8&category=981 ITs a DC-DC psu. you can set the output and it can take a wide input range: 6V-34V Or you could use the OpenUPS2. Wich has a few batery's on it. but has a output of 12-24V while the other can have lower output http://www.mini-box.com/OpenUPS2?sc=8&category=981 Im using a different version to run a small pc for fieldday events from battery / group power ( amature license )
  17. short answer: No The rubber ducky act as a automated keyboard, and with the twin firmware you can also access the storage area. But it will always show the commands it put out on the screen. You do however can make the delays very small its hard to see what it actually does. But this also depends on the target
  18. May i suggest to make use of http://ctf365.com/ . You can create a group under it and ideal learning place. Even with the free account.
  19. You have to remember that the ducky is just a automated keyboard. So if you can't do manually, the ducky can't do it either!
  20. Why not watch the show metaspoid minute. If made for these kind of things. http://hak5.org/category/episodes/metasploit-minute
  21. Make sure you got the right frequentie.
  22. Your VM is not setup correctly. you Will need to set it as a brigged connection in your settings. Only then the VM can speak "directly" to the ethernet.
  23. As written above: kippo is only a SSH honeypot so only ssh service will be there. It also simulates a basic shell. And allows for wget/ftp to work. Hench capturing malware/exploits
  24. If you could use a cheap droid phone you could also use the buildin 3G/4G modem of the phone.
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