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  1. Hey all, not certain if this is the corrct area to post this in. I apologize in advance if it's not. I'm in search of recommendations for a couple of open source, or cost effective RoIP (Radio Over IP) solutions, something similiar to WAVE mobile communicator, which allows secure communications between mobile devices and two way radios. Examples: http://www.twistpair.com/ https://www.twistpair.com/index/communicators-mobile While I have found several mobile apps that offer can achieve this, they require a HAM license. The other RoiP solutions I've researched appear as though they might fi
  2. Thank you gentlemen! I will proceed as suggested. Oh and as barry mentioned it's funny that Dr. Offices and Hospitals have the absolute worse security I've ever seen. Yes and they're ultra stingy. Also, don't think that your previous suggestion wasn't entertained. We have been on the verge of putting on our black hats for this one but..that's another story.
  3. Well gentlemen, I thank you all for the input. Today's update is as follows. Client calls as they need Voip setup and comcast screwed something up, lulz. They want to settle with us to keep our support. However, they are only wanting to pay $1800.00 out of almost 3k. I know it's not a lot of $$ but to us poor guys that consult for a living it's a LOT. I talked it over with my partner and he is wanting full payment, no negotiation as they dicked around too long. I have to concur as I'm not one for free work. However, we do want to maintain their business. Sort of.. How do you guys suggest w
  4. Amazing! I didn't even consider "effective theft" and restocking fees. Yes, I do have all receipts for equipment purchased , one particular item (video card) was damaged and I lost $$ money on it as I was traveling and could not return it on time for a refund. Update: I spoke to my who handles the front line and he agreed to stop all support and stand with me in court if it comes down to it. He was just paid for three past invoices he sent to them yesterday. Still, we have not received the other two larger invoices. I know the client doesn't want to lose our support which is why they're nick
  5. Thanks again for the great information. I do have every service performed for the business itemized on our invoices. I have all the receipts for equipment I purchased for the project. One of those devices is a backup drive which is used to do remote backups. I was thinking about repossesing it. The bit about my partner, I brought him in to help with the initial network implementation and take care of front line support. Now, being that they can use him to put out small fires and pay him separatley they don't feel pressured to pay the account they owe. That's what I meant about getting the sha
  6. Thanks for the responses, they've been a tremendous help guys. Some history: The last time I was on site, they were already late on payment. They didn't mention payment and neither did we. The time previous to that, I actually printed out two invoices in and wrote in the amount due. Showed it to the project manager at which he responded "cool, i'll have this processed tomorrow" Now, 2 weeks ago I received a check for 112.00. I called to inquire as there are 2 invoces pending which total almost around 3k. When I spoke to him on the telephone he gave a story about trying to pay per call. Th
  7. Hi all, I'm not sure if this is the forum to post this in. Apologies in advance. So I have a client that is neglecting to pay services rendered. They owe a good sum of money as myself and a friend did a full network and server deployment and have provided hours of support. The client keeps asking us to support them and calls us for small issues but it's been over 4 months and they keep saying delaying payment. I just stopped supporting them , while my partner continues to support small issues. Here is my question. If you were in this position and had control of the VPN, Server etc, what w
  8. Hey guys, former member here but havent logged on in months and lost my account info. Glad to be back and i may add more later as time permits. Cheers!
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