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  1. Hi everyone, Just got arch and wanted to customize it to a nice minimalist and pen testing desktop environment. I don't need advice on tools just to make it look nice. could i see some of your guys' enviorments and hopefully the dotfiles and instructions on how to set it up. I will be using this for pentesting and development. Thanks for your time
  2. Hey everyone, I have just gotten started with ios development and do not have the skills to design the ui for an app I want to make and my ios developer just quit on me and I have expertise in machine learning and would love to get a quick ui done for the app I can message the ui pics to anyone who can help. So could someone be down to create the ui for this app using swift I can pay if you want, Thanks for your time
  3. Hi everyone, I just used wget -r to get all the files of a website and was wondering the best way to find and replace and a certain word that is present hundreds of times in the seventy files I extracted. To avoid doing this manually, I was wondering if I could do this in one attempt and avoid clocking many hours. There are multiple files of many types so I was wondering if there is an application that you guys might know that can do that. Thanks for your time.
  4. Hi everyone, Recently I have been stuck with an issue with a cmake script that I try to run and I keep getting this error that will be shown in the picture.
  5. hello everyone, so i tried the wget method but it only gave the html file and said that css is not public is there any way for me to get all the files to make the whole website and not just the css. Thanks
  6. Thanks for all the replies but I just wanted to know if doing the wget technique gets all the html, css, and js files as well as the images exactly how they were put onto the internet? If I do this can I mirror a site, and then put one up similar with some changes and have them look similar with different text? Thanks again for your time
  7. How good is kali 2.0 running on a lenovo x1 carbon 2013? does it run smoothly or not?
  8. or should I just buy a TP-Link TL-WN722N because that has wireless support for kali. If there is a way to get the alfa awus036neh to work with kali nethunter then could someone direct me through the steps to get it to work
  9. As the title suggests, i would like to know if the wifi adapter from the hakshop would work with a nexus 7 running kali nethunter. Thanks.
  10. is the one from the hak5 shop reliable? i read into it but could not find any information about it. if you have used it or could find someone who has used can you let me know if it work with vmware fusion 8 right out of the box?
  11. That thread is too spread out and I could not find any way to actually set up this thing and get it up and running. Can somebody please just give me some step by step instructions to enable the program and get it running so I can just strap it on to my drone and attack my sister's parrot drone? Much appreciated
  12. Hey guys, I need some instructions on how to install the ar drone pwn program on my wifi oineapple so that it can do what Darren did on the hak5 video where he flew his pineapple on a dji and disables the ar drone whenever it came within its vicinity. It is a command line extension that can be downloaded onto the pineapple as it a script that Darren made and I was just wondering how this could be achieved. Thank you.
  13. Hey all, I am a noob just getting started with pentesting and would like to ask for some advice. I have a MacBook pro retina and have installed vm ware fusion on it. I have Kali 2.0 running on this and would like to have the wlan0 thing for wifi hacking. I know you need an external USB adapter for this but am not sure which to go for and which works the best? I would like to find an adapter that would run reliably on my system. What would you guys suggest?
  14. Hey guys I just got a uarm. This is an arduino controlled robotic arm from ufactory. I know arduino has limitations but what kinds of cool things can I do with it. Sorry I cannot come up with any ideas. Here is a picture. It uses a vacuum suction cup to lift things.
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