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  1. ESXi Backup

    For my personal server i just use ghettovcb script. For production i preference goes to veeam. They also got a cloud solution, this way you can keep backups offsite.
  2. Firewall replacement

    +1 pfsense. Running mine for my datacenter server I'm also using fortigate's with a few customers. But the interface is so complex for such simple things you want to do...
  3. Reaver "AP rate limiting detected" and automatic mdk3 solution

    Line 211 is wps connection failed. You mean line 144 Sebkine? Maybe a quick and dirty line of testcode like: system("rateLimitScript.sh");
  4. Reaver "AP rate limiting detected" and automatic mdk3 solution

    It may be simpler to add some code-patch to the source. So when it detects the limiter it runs a script.
  5. Open Ports on Router (esp. port 7547).

    Like digip said. Here's a real example like what they do: http://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2012/10/01/hacked-routers-brazil-vb2012/
  6. Open Ports on Router (esp. port 7547).

    Michael are you sure you scanned from OUTSIDE your network like didip said. Because all of your results look from inside your own network. Also some routers/will allow scanning your external ip from inside your local network and it will report the local network ports. ( And i know Zyxel DOES ALLOW THIS! ) If you still see problems always make sure to get the latest firmware. For zyxel you can get them at ftp://ftp.zyxel.com/ be sure to read the pdf ( some updates remove all settings so make a backup first )
  7. Hacking: Where to begin

    http://www.securitytube.net/ Most con video's and stuff gather from other sites like youtube :)
  8. [Poll] Which Country Keyboards Need Support

    Dont forget the belgians ! belgian point to be exactly Great work midnitesnake